UK fan! Where is TNA available now?

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  1. As above!

    Was becoming a fan then life and the supposed demise of TNA have led to this?
  2. They air on Destination America in the united states. A small channel on the Discovery network of channels.
    They are the biggest show on the channel, but personally that isn't saying much.
  3. It's still on Challenge on a Sunday and watchwrestling.
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    Still on Challenge every sunday night in the UK along with it being on WatchWrestling usually on the Friday Night or Saturday.
  5. Cheers Stop buddy. No use for me though. Any idea of UK coverage anyone?
  6. Umm... Majour and Forrest just told you in the posts above? :zayn:
  7. Challenge tv lol
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  8. Impact is Sunday nights at 9 pm on Challenge while Xplosion is on one of the weekdays at night, but also Saturday mornings too.
  9. Yeah looks like I scrolled past them posts with out realising, I was half asleep by that point.
  10. Oh, I see... Well, enjoy TNA. This week's episode was awesome, make sure you check it out, mate!