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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by leojay, Jul 23, 2012.

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  1. I want to travel to one of them, I have around 6k to do so. Want to go see Aerosmith, and considering the fact they're banned where I live (trafficking cocaine to Australia in the 70's) I have to travel elsewhere to see them.

    What's a better place with better attractions? I'm honestly thinking moreso the UK, because it'd be sweet to go The Cavern in Liverpool. But eh, I'm open for suggestions.

    So, UKfags and 'mericans, what do you think of your country? Which one should I go to?
  2. Go to California or Miami. Those places seem beautiful..
  3. Definitely America
  4. LA, Vegas or Miami.

    Don't come to England, it's shit.
  5. May I ask, what's so shit about it? lol.
  6. It's probably easier to ask what isn't.
  7. :isee:
  8. Terrible weather, terrible weather, terrible weather, not much to see, terrible weather and the list goes on.

    I'd go to Vegas if you can see them there, looks really nice.
  9. Vegas, NYC, Miami. I'd go to one of those places. If you choose Vegas I'd try and make it to the LA/Hollywood area. Pretty cool for tourists.
  10. Did you mention the bad weather? :jeritroll:
  11. Woops, I forgot. :jericho:
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