UK ranks Barrett

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Senhor Perfect, Feb 7, 2013.

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  1. Not bad considering the competition :obama:
  2. Sounds good for a WWE midcarder, I suppose.
  3. A professional wrestler would never get named as the coolest man in US, maybe The Rock, but he's an actor too.

  4. But anyway, yeah. He's pretty boss.
  5. Pretty hysterical that UK is so shitty it has to reach for C Level WWE performers like Wade Barrett for lists like this.
  6. Say what you like about the UK, at least we don't have John Cena.
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  7. Pardon the US for producing the most popular superstar of this era.

    Also lol @ acting like Cena sucks or something. Dude is legit, hate on WWE for making him boring as fuck.
  8. Well I suppose you did produce CM Punk, that is a good side. But still I'm glad he's 17th :emoji_grin:! Considering he lost to the likes of Prince Harry that's not that bad :3
  9. Punk was born in America but I consider him to be more of a communist than a good hearted decent American.
  10. Wade Barrett doing the UK WWE fans proud. :obama:
  11. US fags are disappointed he's not from the US. Get over it.
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  12. So upset that WB, a midcarder who currently has the prestige of the IC Title in the toilet, isn't from my country, that oh by the way has produced 99% of the greatest wrestlers of all time.

  13. It's okay, let it out.
  14. Go catch more viruses from trying to make out with your puppy. Step your immune system game up scrub. nigga you always sick
  15. 99% may be a tad high me thinks.
  16. My bad bro. Forgot about Canada.

    lolUK doe.
  17. Let's say North America produces 99% of the best wrestlers ever. The 1% produced elsewhere being Alex Wright and Funaki!
  18. I still see it as, most popular English super star currently is Wade Barrett. Most popular American superstar currently is John Cena.

    GG's America, time to go to scoop phase.
  19. Cena is the most popular star within certain demographics. Certainly not my demographic.

    Pro tip: little kids in England mark for Cena just as much as little kids in Murica
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