UK Terror Threat Raised To "Severe"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Vice, Aug 29, 2014.

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  1. Figured this was relevant since a good chunk of our members live in the UK.
    Try to keep your distance from large gatherings and important landmarks for a bit. Though there's no evidence to predict an imminent attack, you can never be too careful.

    Read the full article here:
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  2. Severe=Someone is dumping tea in the harbor again
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  3. Don't even joke about that.
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  4. Despite the alert I'll take my chances, no point living in fear or you just wouldn't do anything.
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  5. I don't mean "hole up in your house and turn off the lights" m8, :dawg:. Not living in fear, but more like, take this into consideration when planning something like that.
  6. damn that sucks man im sorry obama is being a little pussy bitch
  7. I'll continue to live my life as normal. They have zero information/leads on any potential attacks, so being scared is pretty pointless.
  8. They're only saying that because of the NATO Summit (which is like 30 mins from my house, so if anything did happen then RIP me ofc lel) and the growing ISIS and Gaza hostilities. It's just them being on the safe die.

    Although, their precautions in place will only help all the rich people and all the elite people going to the summit, us 'commoners' could die for all the Government cares haha.
  9. Just give them Cornwall, nothing important there.
  10. Terror threat levels are nonsense
  11. They actually agreed a long-term ceasefire the other day, which is a start. :obama:
  12. All it means for the UK is more armed police on the streets, heightened awareness in public and such.
  13. Exactly. It is an excuse to take another step toward militarizing the state. Just like in the US. Terrorism is just a buzz word to scare civilians into allowing their governments to walk all over their personal liberties.
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  14. Something might happen, somewhere at some time, oh noes!
  15. We don't want to provoke them.
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  16. Keeping away from landmarks won't automatically do anything. The 7/7 bombings were on the underground and buses.
  17. Let's be honest the only places under a true threat are London, Cardiff, Glasgow and Manchester. The other places wouldn't be a big enough impact for them to be targeted. I don't mean to sound dickish but it's true.
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  18. You could always build a fort with tea bags.
  19. Agreed. Oh, you did something to Sunderland? It'd be lucky to get national coverage nevermind global :lol1:
  20. What a waste of good tea, we'll use toothpaste instead.
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