UK Wrestler Shoots on TNA British Boot Camp

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  1. Lionheart recently spoke with Fighting Spirit Magazine and claimed TNA dropped the ball by not selecting him for British Boot Camp.

    "There were several factors (in why I'm choosing to retire), to be honest. I'd always been of the mindset that if I hadn't made it to one of the big two – either WWE or TNA – by the time I was 30, I'd walk away. I'd swayed back and forth on this over the years, and in the last two years, there had been some activity between me and both WWE and TNA.

    "The nail in the coffin for me was when I wasn't selected for the British Boot Camp. I've got nothing against the individuals that were picked, as they are all very talented in their own right, and deserve opportunities, but not being selected was, to me, complete bullsh*t.

    "It's a 'British' Boot Camp, so make it British. The last time I checked, that included Scotland. At this point, I think it's fair to say I'm still, arguably, considered the top all-round worker in Scotland, and I have mainstream history with TNA and one of their biggest stars (Jeff Jarrett), so it begs the question, was a lack of talent the reason I didn't make it? Or did I just not know the right people?

    "How are you supposed to get into a competition that includes just four people, two of whom make up one tag team? TNA lacks a mainstream Scottish star and that should have been me. It will always be my loss, not theirs, but they dropped the ball, in my opinion."

    Crayo, @[Seabs], UKers, is this guy actually worth the spot?
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