Ultimate FaceOff: Season 1: Episode 1: Bane vs. Venom

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    This is a series where we put 2 amazing characters against each other in this epic simulation. Once you think who should win PM me your vote. And I will write a detailed fight between the two. You may support your person in the thread but PM me your final vote (Maybe we can see controversies down the road or something) But yeah, I always wanted to do this with my Facebook but I am making it into a series WOO! Remember this is only a picture to depict the battle.

    Bane = Forced to serve a life sentence for the crimes of his father, Bane was born and raised in Pena Duro prison. There, he forged himself into the pinnacle of physical and mental potential. Escaping to Gotham City, Bane pitted himself against the Batman and became the "Man who broke the Bat". But when he injects the Venom. He can jump multiple stories, throw boulders, survive falls from massive heights, and becomes smarter. Will Bane on Venom give him what it takes to defeat Venom?!?!? Let us go through his Pros and Cons.​

    Bane's abilities

    • Master of Unarmed combat. He is great at fighting hand to hand.
    • Super Strength
    • Master of Stealth supposedly
    • Stamina
    • Intellect
    • Berserker Strength
    • Escape Artist
    Bane (Knightfall)


    Venom (Eddie Brock) = Eddie Brock bonded with the suit the second it was tore off Spider-Man. He now uses it for his own personal gain. As it makes him super powerful and hard to kill. Can Venom kill Bane or is Bane too much for him?

    Venom's abilities

    • Agility
    • It can form it's symbiote into weapons
    • Super strong
    • Claws
    • Danger sense
    • Stamina
    • Stealth
    • Healing
    • Invulnerability
    Venom (Eddie Brock) fan image



    Fight Scenario: Venom will stumble upon Bane in an alley. No citizens will be around in this fight.

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  2. To start the voting off right this second we have:
    Bane - 1
    Venom - 1
  3. Both of these men, will to the death, Bane likes to kill using poetry! Venom on the otherwise likes to confuse the hell outta you before he kills ya.
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  4. Holy shit this is epic, great idea. Both very equal in ways.
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  5. PM me who you think should win this Deadly battle.
  6. Comic wise - Venom

    Movie portrayal - Bane

    I'm assuming we are going strictly by comics, so chalk me up for Venom.
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  7. Because it's not about fag dallas
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  8. Fag Dallas did get an active thread :emoji_wink:

    The score count is secret at this moment.
  9. We are going by their most common form. I could have included the Axe for Bane but it seems that everyone thinks Bane can stand a chance to Venom by himself.
  10. They probably are voting do to movie potrayal. So go ahead and count my vote as 10.
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  11. Venom, hands down.
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  12. Is there any battles you guys would like to see later on?
  13. I swear to god, if there ends up being Batman vs Wolverine, I am going to hang myself. I know who I would choose because I am loyal as fuck, but, goddammit, would I ever feel bad, anyway, because I <3 them both.

    Anyway, Venom in this case.

    Cool idea.
  14. I think Wolverine vs. Batman is either one sided or Fan favorite as in Batman. There is a video online called Wolverine vs. Batman part of Superhero Beat Down where Wolverine kills Batman.
  15. :yay: I feel the exact same way
  16. Vote ended. The fight will be posted tonight.
    Stay tuned for Episode 2 which gets posted in about 2 minutes.
  17. Venom easily. All he has to do is cut his steroid feed and he's done.
  18. Venom wins. Bane is either or. When Bane is on venom (the chemical) he loses what we saw in the Dark Knight Rises of being the highly intelligent mastermind, even the combat skills. When he's on venom he's just a very powerful brute. When he's off the venom he has all that intellect with some strength but way less than he has with venom.

    Venom (the character) has all the abilities of spiderman except he's aggressive. If he were to fight regular Bane on one on one combat he would win hands down, but that would not be the case since Bane wouldn't be dumb enough to go into a fight he know he could lose and he would have a plan to take him out. No amount of Danger Sense would be able to save Venom since he is not the most controlled thinker and fights with little to no strategy.

    So the result of the this match would all have to depend on which Bane was fighting Venom. Venomized Bane is strong but so is Venom and venom has additional abilities that would trump Bane in one on one combat. Regular Bane would have a plan of attack on Venom and Venom's brute force would be no match for Bane's intellect. Since the Bane we seem to be talking about is the smart one then it would definitely be....Bane FTW.
  19. Bane wins. Venom can be defeated with a stereo turned up on max or a lighter. And with Venom being a very aggressive character, almost to the point of being a beast he tends to rush in without thinking which makes it easy to catch him off guard. Bane with his intellect could easily set up a trap.
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