Ultimate FaceOff: Season 1: Episode 2: Flash vs. Quicksilver: "The Fast and the Speediest"

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Tumbas' #1 Fan, Jun 11, 2013.

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    This is a series where we put 2 amazing characters against each other in this epic simulation. Once you think who should win say it below and state why. And I will write a detailed fight between the two. But yeah, I always wanted to do this with my Facebook but I am making it into a series WOO! Remember this is only a picture to depict the battle.
    Quicksilver = Pietro Maximoff is a mutant who's X-gene grants him the ability to travel at speeds far beyond the average human. He is the son of Magneto, and twin brother of Scarlet Witch and half-brother of Polaris. He is a reformed X-Men villain and was once an Avenger.
    Quicksilver's Facts & Abilities
    • He is as fast as the Flash.
    • Expert at Unarmed combat. He was trained by many.
    • Stamina
    • Him & Flash can pretty much do the same thing with their speed. Pass through walls and cause whirlwinds.
    • Quicksilver is willing to kill unlike The Flash. Big Advantage for Quicksilver.
    Quicksilver (Earth-616)
    Flash (Wally West) = Taking after his uncle, Wally became Kid Flash and later on became "The Flash" that we all know and love. He was represented as the main Flash in the hit cartoon "Justice League" and has been the most well known Flash ever sense.
    Flash's abilities & Facts
    • Fastest man alive.
    • He can control his molecules and can even pass through walls when he focuses.
    • He can create whirlwinds and tornadoes with his hands.
    • He can spin so fast and drill through the ground!
    • Womanizer. He will hit on anything that has a heartbeat!
    • Flash is never serious until the time where he has to.
    • He won't kill so the advantage goes to Quicksilver.
    Flash (Fan Art)
    Scenario of the fight: Flash takes a trip around the world and Quicksilver challenges him to a race. It ends with a huge fight after Quicksilver punches Flash. They get ready to fight! WHO WILL WIN?!
  2. Quicksilver for not being a pansy.
  3. They're both cool. :emoji_slight_smile:
  4. Only one can win though
  5. This is for smelly Turk only. Serbia #1.
  6. Place your vote you nigga.
  7. Quicksilver takes it for sure. He'll actually attempt to kill Flash.
  8. Quicksilver
  9. I like both but I have always been a Marvel fangirl and have a soft spot for Quicksilver. He's fucking awesome. Plus, his father is Magneto, half brother of Polaris, and his sister is Scarlet Witch. If you haven't come all over the screen after that, you have a lot of willpower.
  10. One thing to point out. The flash character is not a womanizer outside of the animated DC universe. Every one of the Flashes have been were dedicated family men or otherwise monogamous. But they all were good at running their mouths at their opponents.

    As for who wins. Flash easily. Quicksilver is fast yes, but the Flash is speed, directly connected to the very source of speed and momentum in the universe (and if we are talking Barry Allen then he is that source). Flash has the ability to turn you until a human statue without killing you by removing your very ability to move from the speed force. Look up the Inertia character for proof on that.
  11. I never thought a wrestling forum could get more nerdy :adr:
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