Ultimate Feud

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  1. If you could pick any superstar or diva from any company & any time period to face off aginst each other who would it be?
  2. 2011 Steen vs 1998 Austin would be beautiful IMO.
  3. The Antichrist of ROH vs the Rattlesnake? Yes please.
  4. Kane 1998 vs. Abyss 2005
  5. Raven circa late 90's vs Dean Ambrose 2011
  6. Mankind 96 vs Ambrose would be beautiful also.
  7. The Callihan Deathmachine Sami Callihan vs Raven or Mankind 96 would also be a splendid feud
  8. El Generico vs Samoa Joe
  9. Dolph Ziggler vs Shawn Michaels

    Bryan Danielson vs a younger Kurt Angle
  10. DZ vs Joe could work too.
  11. Crow Sting vs Ministry taker
  12. bryan vs regal in a submission match winner has to make the other tap out 3 times using 3 differant moves
  13. Ric Flair 80's vs. Somo Joe 2007
  14. Scott Steiner versus Right to Censor
  15. Garett Bischoff vs. Big Daddy Viscera
  16. Super Dragon Vs Abyss in a hardcore match would be decent.

    Also Claire Lynch vs Kelly Kelly :yay:
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  17. Brodus Clay vs Mark Henry in a buffet tables match
  18. :obama:

    Dragon vs. Sandman/Sabu/Raven also comes to mind, lol.
  19. AJ Styles vs Edge
    Umaga vs Ryback
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