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  1. *The lights shut out in the arena and there is a quite hush in the arena, a loud booming voice is heard in the arena*
    ???: What is the Ultimate Power?
    *Smoke appears on stage as blinding light shoots through out the arena and we see a shadow begin to rise from the floor of the stage.*
    ???: Who has Ultimate Power?
    *The figure continues to ascend as we see the silhouette is holding a microphone*

    *The smoke clears and we see it's Luis and he's holding up the Iron Man Title.*
    Luis Alvarado: I have Ultimate Power.
    *Luis begins walking towards the ring while raising the Iron Man Championship*
    Luis Alvarado: You may ask yourself why am I raising this here championship.
    *Luis starts climbing the steps to enter the ring*
    Luis Alvarado: This championship holds the Ultimate Power.
    *Luis perches the title on the turnbuckle*
    Luis Alvarado: And I have unlocked it, with every victory I gained more and more of this titles full potential began to release and I am the only who is able to claim it. Not Colton and certainly not that crude trash Des Pierson; With this title and it's power I can shake the foundation Exodus.
    *The faces of JJ Colton and Robert Blake appear on the titantron*
    Luis Alvarado: These are the champions of Exodus but with this I can take the place of one of these individuals.
    "But Luis what if you don't win" you say. Well, here's the thing no matter who I face I've already won.
    *Luis stares at the Iron Man Championship and admires his reflection in the title*
    Luis Alvarado: When you have the looks as I do, the skills I posses, and combine that with the Ultimate Power of this beautiful title. It's a winning combination, there's no chance of losing.
    *Luis walks away from the title*
    Luis Alvarado: So that brings the question which title do I go for? Hmmmmm. . . . I could go back and reclaim the Intercontinental title, return down there and make it belong up at the top once again before it got tarnished by disgusting nobodies. Or I could go for the World Championship a title of which prestige I have not touched since I had that parasite of a mask strapped to this voluptuous face.
    *Luis takes steps over towards the corner opposite of the Iron Man title*
    Luis Alvarado: What is a handsome man to do? Decisions, decisions. Both titles have been damaged, but which has been tarnished the most and needs some Luis repairing?
    *Luis starts tapping his head*
    Luis Alvarado: Think, think, think.
    *Luis snaps his fingers*
    Luis Alvarado: AH I've got it, the title that needs the Luis Alvarado touch is the-
    *Luis is cut off before he can say which title he cashes in on*

    @Jet Starr
  2. Jet: Woah, woah, woah, hold your horses. Or should I say Pandas? Anyway, that doesn't matter.

    Jet makes his way down the ramp and into the ring, coming face to face with Luis Alvarado.

    Jet: You aren't going to do a goddamn thing with that Ironman Championship, you know why Luis? Because that is about to become my Ironman Championship. I don't want the belt because it's important, I just want the belt because making people, like you, upset is what I do. I enjoy crushing the dreams of those who shouldn't reach the level of someone like myself. There's a reason you were reduced to the level of the Ironman Championship and it's because it's where you belong, in the gutter.

    Jet smirks and takes off his shades.

    Jet: ANd do you know what I'm going to do with that championship after I win it? I'm going to drop it. Oh, I don't mean just vacate the dang thing, I mean I'm going to drop it off at the nearest waste management facility and leave it in the trash where it belongs. Hell, maybe I'll burn it, who knows, right? The point it Luis, you aren't going to use that thing to ruin my plans. You aren't going to ruin K.O.W's plans. Instead, you are going to have your career ruined by an original king.

    Jet stares at Luis and diverts his attention to the Ironman Championship.
  3. Luis Alvarado: Hey Señor Plane, I haven't even said which title yet. How can I ruin the COW's plans if I haven't chosen?
    *Luis leans on the rope closest to the Iron Man title*
    Luis Alvarado: Ya know, I was going to choose the intercontinental Championship but now that you mention it, ruining the Kings Of Wings schemes seems rather enjoyable. Especially after they ruined one of my matches it seems fitting to ruin something of theirs. Eye for an Eye sorta of deal but instead of Me giving an eye, I just take all of the Kings's eyes.
    *Luis grabs the Iron Man Title and puts it over his shoulder*
    Luis Alvarado: Also it's nice of you to offer to leave the Iron Man Championship at your house if you win, but I'm going to say no to that since that would require you to beat me; And you and I both know you can't beat me.
    *Luis then raises the title*
    Luis Alvarado: I have the Ultimate Power Señor South West, and you have nothing besides a gaudy pair of shades and the group of Jesters you call Kings.
    *Luis lowers the title back onto his shoulder*
    Luis Alvarado: So do me a favor and go back to your little dungeon and wait for me to give you the sweet release of Luis.
  4. Jet stares at Luis.
    Jet throws his shades at the face of Luis.

    Jet: Oh it's on, amigo.
  5. *Luis kneels down and pick the shades up of the floor*
    Luis Alvarado: For me? You shouldn't have.
    *Luis puts the shades on*
    Luis Alvarado: You know these look way better on me, and another positive is that I don't have to see your face. It's a win/win.
    *Luis poses with the shades for a bit before taking the glasses off*
    Luis Alvarado: I can't have these on for too long though or else the stench of loser might stick to me.
    *Luis throws the shades to the outside of the ring and looks back at Jet*
  6. Jet: You know what, I've had more than enough of whatever games you're trying to play. I don't know if it's a little bit of the good stuff they have down there in Mexico or if you're just that stupid, but you are getting on my last nerve. Listen, the match is already on, so less talking and more of me kicking your face in.
  7. Luis Alvarado: Oh Jet, the man of fewer words and even fewer actions. Wanting to get into the match as soon as possible, it's like you're trying to prove something? You don't think that. . .no. . . way. Jet you can't be that insecure can you?
    *Luis begins to chuckle*
    Luis Alvarado: You think that you're the weakest link in your little group don't you? Well if that's the case then we have something in common because I think you're the weakest one too.
  8. Jet Starr says nothing. He only removes his jacket and flicks his chin with the back of his hand before leaning back into the turnbuckle with a determined look on his face.
  9. Luis Alvarado: Are you trying to flick your fleas at me?
    *Luis places the belt under one of the turnbuckles*
    Luis Alvarado: You disgusting donkey.
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