Ultimate submission match

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Centipede Hz, Jan 15, 2013.

  1. Would love to see this again or just a regular submission match. Bryan and punk would put on a great showing.
  2. I'd reinforce the rules for Submission Matches. There are DQs and ref stoppages, and it's not allowed to hit/strike your opponent. Only holds and catching.
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  3. That would be cool, but would never happen in WWE
  4. I like that idea but as Senhor Perfect stated it would not happen in wwe but i really wish wwe had the balls to do something like this but they have to keep it simple for kids.
  5. It might work, even in WWE. Pro-wrestling is all about storytelling, and there are guys who can tell captivating stories in WWE, no matter what circumstances are.
  6. This. You need to pick the right guys for it. John Cena vs Big show wouldn't be a good submission match but if you took guys like Punk vs Bryan or Kidd or Cesaro or Ohno that would make for good and well told submission matches. Teaming them up with guys like Cena, Ziggler, or similar would also result in favorable results. You just need to pick the right guys to do this.
  7. A submission match between Daniel Bryan and CM Punk would defiantly appeal to me. I wouldn't mind seeing it at a SumerSlam or even WrestleMania PPV as it would defiantly be a entertaining match. Imagine the chants for the pair of em at WrestleMania, we can only hope to see this somewhere in the future.
  8. Young Regal vs Daniel Bryan vs Chris Benoit but would never happen.
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