Ultimate Warrior shoots on Hulk Hogan

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Jose Tortilla, Mar 25, 2012.

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  1. This is not a brand new video, but still thread worthy. After reading the other thread about Hogan, I just wanted to make this thread aswell. Starting to believe it all.

    Full video tells it the best, please take the time to watch it, but here is the shorter version.


    What side do you believe?
  2. Warrior > Hogan
  3. He tells it so good uh? Damn, after this you really have to believe.

    Did you watch the whole thing @[Crayo] ?
  4. Does he talk about parts unknown?
  5. Nope, just shooting on Hogan, aka telling the truth.

    Watch it, really, watch it. You will see an other side.
  6. Let me guess he talks about Hogan and his politicking in the back. Also how is it the guaranteed truth? Because a middle-aged man who has a history of steroid and cocaine abuse says so?
  7. Nope, just about real life with Hogan in it. WWF is named a few times, but it's mostly about Terry Bollea the person.

    Watch it, dude! :boss:
  8. Talks about wifes-wapping and cocaine abuse? This is the one isn't it? Got half way through last time and realized he was just rambling.
  9. Rambling is a small word, Seabs.
    Stop asking about the whole vid, just watch it.
  10. ram·bling/?ramb(?)liNG/
    (of writing or speech) Lengthy and confused or inconsequential.
    (of a plant) Putting out long shoots and growing over walls or other plants; climbing: "rambling roses".

    Google it, it's the same old video where he talks some shit and offers no proof, why would I watch that again? You posted it so I asked you if it was the same one.
  11. You can come up with all your Google and Wikipedia sources and being a smart guy, but how do I know if we are talking about the same thing?

    In the thing I am watching, Warrior seems to tell the truth, atleast that's how it comes over to me.
    Because Warrior was there at that time, so I guess he know's the truth right?
  12. It could be but if someone comes out with no sources, how can you believe them? Am I defending Hogan, no, Am I saying we shouldn't take Warriors word as gospel absolutely.
  13. Seriously, I don't know if you have heard the roumors outside Hellwig's, maybe you should. He is not the only one who is saying things like this. Just like he is Hulk Hogan in WWF/WCW/WWE/TNA or he is Terry Bollea in real life, he is not the man he claims to be. Am I shooting on Hulk Hogan, no. I'm a fan of his. But with all these stories going around, I'm starting to believe even more. Short stories told together by Jim Hellwig, that is just what I've posted. He said everything that was being told by others, plus the things that he knows for being in the same company with him, working with him, and knowing him in real life.
  14. Though it's not just warrior who has shooted on Hogan for similar things, the more shoots the more credible it gets, but to be honest, all of them are a bunch of childish idiots when they take things public.
  15. You're missing my point entirely, I said I'm not disputing Hogan rather saying just because Warrior says it doesn't mean it's true.
    "Nope, just shooting on Hogan, aka telling the truth." See that's the point he isn't definitely telling the truth is he? Seen part of the video before and he does is ramble without providing any points beyond hearsay.
  16. Because Hellwig wanted to have the truth out, before it was told wrong.
    I think he is doing it in a mature way.

    Well maybe you should watch the full thing or get those plugs out of your ears.
    He is not rambling, just putting facts on the table, that he CAN know.
    Once again, he was there at that time.
  17. So I was there at the start of this forum, if I say Crayo posted nude pictures of himself in every forum does that make it true? You can't believe everything what you here from wrestlers as alot of them are bitter at people who had more success than them and according to reports Warrior was always an egotistical man. Am I saying it's the truth no, but if we are taking these Hogan things at face value because someone who was there claims it to be so can we take every report as fact?

    Anyway I've said my piece on this so I'll not bother with this thread, au revoir.
  18. Everybody in this business is egotistical, that's wrestling. I'm not saying it is true, I just said that it seemed true. And why saying goodbye to this thread? This is a discussion forum right? So why are you quitting the discussing over here?

    What's it with this thing that makes you always wanting to be right at everything?
  19. I'm not trying to be right about everything, just voicing the opinion that's it's not fact because warrior says so.

    "Nope, just shooting on Hogan, aka telling the truth.

    Watch it, really, watch it. You will see an other side."

    That makes me sound like we're supposed to take it all at face value which to me is pointless.
  20. Not talking about you wanting to be right in this thread, it happened multiple times, that's why I stopped going into a deep discussion with you, because you allways will come with a ridiculous quote or fact.

    I may have been overwhelmed about the video because I watched it again tonight.
    If you just see Terry Bollea the person, he's not a real clever man in a few ways.
    Aswell personal as professional in business. Warrior was not the most clean man in WWF(E)'s history but still, he is at home enjoying the money he worked for, makes an appearance at some time somewhere, doing his Youtube channel, and Hogan is still making himself being the Hulkster like he was 20/30/40 years ago. So that makes me wonder how things really are in this day and age.
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