Ultimate Warrior vs Ryback at Mania?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Danielson, Jan 30, 2014.

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    • One match that is looking closer to reality for WrestleMania XXX is soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer Ultimate Warrior taking on Ryback. It obviously wouldn't be a long or technical affair, but a token match to allow Warrior to run around the ring and charge up the fans one final time on the biggest stage in pro wrestling.

    Holy crap shit balls..........I will mark hard for UW, but that match ought to be grade A shit lol.
  1. I'd rather watch this than Goldberg v Ryback
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  2. My man Ryback would eat that piece of shit for breakfast!
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  3. Ultimate Pukkkkkeeeeeeeee
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  4. This would be a technical wrestling clinic. I cannot wait for all the holds and grapples we would see.
  5. I'm fine with this tbh. Would mark hard for Warrior losing his shit
  6. Pfft
    Team Ryback #FEEDMEMORE
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  7. Since I've never hated on Ryback (I kinda like him more and more now) this would be fuckin great.
  8. Dude, this is gonna be like Bryan vs Misawa, man.
  9. Hahaha that match/feud would have the possibility of being awful of great there is no in between. Whats the storyline? Vince hires Ryback to fight warrior because he has been a "bully" to vince? I need some ideas for a storyline so I can create a story in wwe 2k14!. Check out my other story for the ti being "kiss my blank club" the return of the kiss my ass club.
  10. Sounds terrible.
  11. You WILL love the Ryback
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  12. I love the Ryback. Ryback is legend. Ryback should be more over than Daniel Bryan.
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  13. [​IMG]
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  14. I will mark for Warrior. I'm pretty sure Ryback will job in this match. It'll be like Warrior hitting a clothesline that Ryback oversells and he does the Warrior Splash.
  15. Same
  16. Ryback has fans? [​IMG]
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  17. OH HELL YES!!! Maybe you've heard of Mr. Paul Heyman?

  18. [​IMG]
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