Ultimate Warrior's WCW run--- Pure Greatness

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 16, 2013.

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  1. In 1998 Eric Bischoff made the proper choice to bring in BITW Ultimate Warrior to WCW for a massive contract to have a feud with Hulk Hogan. The results were the feud of the year, and perhaps the feud of our lifetime.

    UW debuts & rips Hulk a new ass

    Notice the sweet ass vanishing act at the end :phew:

    UW begins playing mind games with Hulkster as this perfectly crafted masterpiece begins to unfold

    They have a confrontation at War Games (spoiler: more sweet ass vanishing)

    Next UW brainwashes Disciple, Hogan's good pal. This really intensifies things as the controversy nears a boiling point. Notice UW cut the promo of this century as he hangs out in the rafters.


    Hogan's sick of it!

    Tag match before their big showdown (Teddy Long was a ref in WCW at this time, possibly moonlighting as a booker)

    Not quite a 5* classic, but I gave it 4.5. Warrior was on point. Notice in a match with Hogan, Sting & Hart that UW is still the most over man in the ring by farrrrr

    The 5* Classic, possibly GOAT match of the 90s between two legends

    Next night:

    Thoughts on this 5 star feud?

    Show Spoiler

    In reality they wayyyyy overpaid Warrior to come in and job to Hogan for no reason other than to stroke H Double's ego. It was one of the bigger mistakes WCW made, and the feud is just comically bad. The match is an all time terrible main event for any major company's PPV.
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  2. Most underrated feud in WCW history. Shame we didn't get the rubber match at Starrcade (iron man match?) I wanted to see them go in at 1-1 and then see who truly would come out on top for all times sake.
  3. In all seriousness, this feud was terrible, but still enjoyable in the way a cheesy B-movie is. It's not any worse than the Papa Shango feud in 1992. Warrior vanishing and stuff was pretty cool anyway.

    Hogan complained on the Self Destruction DVD that Warrior shouldn't have made the comment in his first promo (where he rambled on for about fifteen minutes and caused ratings to drop) about beating him at Wrestlemania 6 because it made the rematch pointless since people already know Hogan lost before. What were they supposed to do, say Hogan won the match? The whole point of Hogan being terrified was because Warrior was the one guy to defeat him back in his heyday. It's like saying don't mention who won the first Rock/Cena match because people might have a lessened interest in the rematch if you do.

    Of course he was brought in to job to Hogan because Hogan couldn't take the one guy who pinned him cleanly not returning the favor. He even tried to build up The Renegade as the second coming of Warrior so that he could beat him and justify getting his win back in his own psyche.

    There was much more they could have done with the Warrior feud after the Hogan rematch. A match with Goldberg would have been nice. It might have had the potential to be boring, but if booked right like the original Hogan/Warrior match, it could have turned out to be a great big man match. Warrior going into that match undefeated would have been neat, because they could use the build to be similar to Hogan/Warrior at WM6 - where Hogan was "undefeated" as far as clean losses were concerned (ignoring anything pre-Hulkamania in 1984) before Warrior beat him and Goldberg's undefeated streak might see a similar fate.
  4. The only place I've seen this feud was on YT. And I think there was a mistake at the ending of the match. Nonetheless, it was an entertaining match.
  5. It is all entertaining, like Klock said just for the wrong reasons.
  6. oWn vs nWo classic stuff friends.
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