Umaga deserved a title of world championship

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Skypell, Oct 8, 2016.

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    Openly, when I think that the WWE gave a title of world championship to The Great Khali and not to Umaga, I say myself that bookers had really gone off the rails at the time.

    Umaga former intercontinental champion will have had regrettably never really his hour of glory in the WWE, he had of the talent nevertheless and often took out us of drinkable matches to see very good for some.

    Especially, he has had amazing
    debuts : he had defeated clean Shawn Michaels, Triple H and Kane all the same.

    Then, his rivalry with John Cena for the title of the WWE comes then (which leading to moreover in an exellent Last Man Standing match between 2 in the ppv Royal Rumble 2007).

    It is after his defeat against Cena to Royal Rumble that he came down again it up-card, then began fighting for the Intercontinental title It is after his defeat against Cena in Royal Rumble that he came down again it up-card, then began fighting for the Intercontinental title (which went to him not at all, him squashed all the time the mid-carders) with some fights against eventers hands but nothing very enormous.

    Then also, for me it was the only "Big Men" with Brock Lesnar good in ring and that could take out us matches of more than 4 stars (for example his Last Man Standing against Cena and the match in cage against Jeff Hardy to Raw).

    I may looked I do not understand why the WWE did not want to go up Umaga to the summit. He had everything for (destroyer's gimmick, good on the ring, agile, good grips) contrary to The Great Khali.

    And you, think you that Umaga was underrated and that he deserved better in the WWE?
  2. I agree buddy Umaga was a beast in the ring and he far more deserved a title opportunity then The Not so Great Khali......That guy was terrible I mean just awful....He gets my vote for one of the worse wrestlers ever!
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  3. Umaga's character wasn't made to hold the WWE Championship. He was built to be a chasing monster, and he obviously filled that role well.
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  4. I always did like Umaga, he was a beast in the ring. I would not say World champion but I wish he held the IC belt a bit longer like year or so would have been awesome. His match with Cena at RR 2007 was brutal in a good way. Thought as much as I liked hated the Samoan Spike, he should have a submission move like a dragon sleeper or something around that area.
  5. Yea the Samoan spike was thrash!
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  6. Umaga was a beast. The only thing I didn't like about him was his finisher.

    Plus, it's a shame Khali got to be the champ and Umaga didn't, not even once. But, oh well.
  7. [​IMG]
    Ugh I am having horrible flashbacks already to that :emoji_slight_frown:
  8. Omg don't remind me....... that was when it was hard to watch the show
  9. I compare Umaga to like how Rusev is right now, a beast who has some good talent, he is someone who does deserve more.
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  10. Umaga=Rusev.............. Minus the Samoan Spike (thrash)
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