Umaga Vs. Tensai

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 4, 2012.

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  1. Who do you like better. I like Umaga. Tensia is like a Japanese version of Umaga.

  2. They're both the same to me in a lot of ways, but I would prefer Umaga because he was more fresh and was original at the time.
  3. i hate them both, i tend to like Tensai a little more because he was semi-decent as Albert and Atrain
  4. I'm just not interested in either of them. I dont feel a connection with them.
  5. I want Tensai vs. Brodus. They're both almost the same height and weigh.
  6. I prefer Umaga since he was more fresh like FarooqWhoDat said above. With that being said, I preferred Tensai being A Train.
  7. Tensai/Bernard > Rumaga. :tensai:
  8. Umaga every single day of the week.
  9. Giant Bernard with Karl Anderson was more entertaining then any persona from the two Umaga was better in the WWE however.

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  10. Umaga all the way. He was intense, special in character and just awesome.

  11. Approved.:true: Suck it haters.
  12. He posts? What is this?!?!?
  13. His robot JoTo with a little bit of wrestling knowledge who posts automatic messages.

  14. @[CM Drunk]
  15. I'm going with Umaga.
  16. Umanga

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  17. :laugh: CLASSIC
  18. I preferred Umaga. He entertained me a lot more then Tensai and he gave you the feeling of a monster like he was gonna fucking murder someone.

    Tensai just seems like a guy who squashes the guy the entire match then loses. He's to predictible also Umaga's moves looks a lot more painful so I'm going with Umaga.
  19. If Umaga was alive, I'd imagine him getting Henry's push.
  20. isent umaga dead
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