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  1. Joseph Diamond storms out of the back. No Diamonds from Sierra Leone. His scarf, having been destroyed by Jack Rogue no longer drapes itself over his shoulders, his sunglasses are still on his face although now they are in a much darker shade of red. The Intercontinental Championship hangs from his left hand as he marches to the timekeepers area, demanding a microphone. After being handed one, he rolls back into the ring and slaps the microphone to make sure it's working, because that's a thing people do apparently.

    Joseph Diamond: Jack Rogue. Anderson Vega. I don’t care about your little arrangement. I don’t care if you own Jackson or whatever Anderson, what you do in your personal time isn’t any of my business. What is my business is last week you assaulted me, sent me to the hospital. Left me with a mild concussion. Bruised a couple of my ribs. Whatever. But you destroyed the scarf worn by my father when he won his first world championship. I cannot stand idly by when my fathers legacy. MY legacy is tarnished by you and your mini-me. So here’s whats gonna happen. I’ll give you two until the count of ten to come out here or I’ll come back there and bring you out here myself.









    Diamonds methodical count is suddenly interrupted by the theme music of....
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  2. *Andersen Vega's music causes boos and jeers to rain quickly down from the stands as, after a moment or two, Vega emerges from gorilla (FKA the "Alice Position") onto the stage with a slimy, cocky grin on his face, arms spread wide to bask in his extremely hostile reception. He laughs and then beckons behind him, where Jack Rogue emerges through the curtain. A muted pop can be heard through the constant stream of boos which brings a small smile to Jack's face, but when Vega turns around Rogue's face is impassive and slightly bowed. Andersen grins once more and begins to swagger down the entrance ramp, with his employee following at a respectful distance. Joseph Diamond is still stood in the centre of the ring, title in hand and glaring with equal intensity at both men, his fury evident even as his ruby shades mask his eyes. When Vega reaches the ring he turns to his left, pausing to chuckle at the front row fans shouting abuse at him as he climbs the steel steps. He pauses, one hand on the top rope, then turns to Jack. Andersen points at the ring ropes in front of him, and Rogue reluctantly climbs onto the apron to sit on the middle rope. Vega steps into the ring through the gap and claims a second microphone from the cameraman as Jack enters behind him*

    Andersen: Joseph Diamond. Coming out here to whine about some "tarnished legacy", huh? Who are you to whine about achievements being tainted by others - I was one of the most dominant Iron Man champions of all time, and I never lost that belt. And [then] when I cashed it in for a one-on-one match for the European Title, I got dumped unceremoniously into a fucking match, where you cost me that belt. You got lucky, you aren't close to good enough to be a champion in my company, and whether you like it or not, that... *Vega points to the Intercontinental title belt hanging at the champion's side, without taking his eyes off Diamond* ...is mine! And that...

    *Andersen beckons Jack over with a smirk. He walks over begrudgingly, and Vega ruffles his hair and then leans his arm on Rogue's shoulder*

    Andersen: ...other than to advance this kid's education, is why I had Jack attack you last week. Because you screwed me! So I don't know why you asked me to come out here tonight, but-

    *Vega is cut off suddenly by an angry Intercontinental Champion*
  3. Joseph Diamond: Do you honestly believe in your mind that I didn't earn this? That I didn't train for months upon months, rehabilitate my shoulder, that I didn't come back and beat everyone put in my path. That includes both you and lapdog. And neither of you ever stood a chance. Not because Tony Stark was there, or because you were cheated out of anything. Because you weren't good enough. And I want you out here tonight, because I want to face Jack Rogue. At Hell in a Cell, in Hell in a Cell. I don't care. I want a match and I want to destroy him.

    Jack. I mean absolutely every syllable when I say I want to hurt you. When I say that, I don't mean you'll be a bit banged up for the next week or so. I mean, that when the match is over you'll be carted out on a stretcher, that you feel the pain I felt when a part of my family was destroyed because you felt you had something to prove to this walking cliche.

    Andersen. We can do this the easy way, or I can break your face over my knees and take him out on my own time. It's your choice.
  4. *While Andersen Vega appears to be pondering Diamond's words, Jack Rogue astonishes him by leaning in front of Vega to talk into the microphone*

    Jack: If a match with me is what you want I'm always up for it. I take on all comers to entertain these people like I always have and always will. And on a grand stage like Hell In A Cell, in a match I've never experienced, I'll take this opportunity with both hands. You don't come into this business without the willingness to get hurt, and get hurt badly, and make no mistake when I say that Jack Rogue will hit back, harder than you could ever have antici-

    *Suddenly, Andersen covers the microphone with his hand, cutting off his employee in his prime. The crowd boo suddenly and loudly as anguish and frustration fill Jack's face, while Vega smirks before retaking control of his mic*

    Andersen: You don't know what you're doing, Jack. Let daddy handle this one.

    *The boos continue from fans who thought they may have been hearing a match made involving Rogue, instead witnessing Jack's freedom strangled by Andersen*

    Andersen: Joey-boy. As much as it's very clear that you want this match, and also that bitch boy here wants this match, I'm not gonna let it happen without a catch. So here are my terms: first, I get you, one-on-one, tonight. To prove that I am better than you and that if I'd got the European title shot I deserved, I'd be out here today title belt in hand. Second, if you really want to hurt Jack at Hell in a Cell... why should he sign up with nothing to gain? If you really want that match Diamond, you're gonna have to put your title on the line. And you're gonna have to go through the king of this world to get there. If you really want to put a hurting on Jacky, that's how it's going to happen. So... *Vega smirks cockily once again and leans in closer to the champion* ...you game, champ?
  5. Diamond sounds taken aback by the comment, and as he takes the Intercontinental Championship in both of his hands, he stares down at the belt, looking back and it begins an internal debate that Diamond hasn't had in a while.

    Okay, you've got to give him the match.

    But, the title would be on the line...do I really want, or even need to risk it?

    Do you want to be taken seriously as a champion?

    Yeah, bu-

    Then you need to do this. Right now, nobody respects you. They think you're a fluke. No number of regular wins is going to change that.

    But, nobody has even come close to beating me before.

    Yes, but wins don't mean anything if you can't win when the pressures on. Take the match.


    Joseph Diamond: It doesn't matter if the titles on the line or not. I will walk into Hell in a Cell as Intercontinental Champion and I will walk out as Intercontinental Champion. And if you have any doubts in your mind that you never deserved this to begin with, tonight, I will do what I did to you at Summerslam. And then, I'll head into Hell in a Cell, and I will prove to everyone here, why I am, and always will be, YOUR Intercontinental Champion.

    Joseph Diamond tosses the microphone out of the ring, and he takes off his sunglasses, and stares right into the eyes of Andersen Vega. Before you can say "face to face" Diamond is standing face-to-face with Vega, while Rogue looks on, a look of conflict and concern on his face. The stare down between the two goes on for about 15 seconds, and when a hush finally falls over the stadiu- JOSEPH DIAMOND WITH THE UNBREAKABLE FACEBREAKER ON VEGA. Diamond swings out of the move, BUT IS CAUGHT WITH A SUPERKICK FROM ROGUE. BOTH DIAMOND AND VEGA ARE DOWN. Rogue is standing tall over Joseph Diamond! But what will the scene be next Sunday at Hell in a Cell. OH MY!!!! These two will face each other later tonight, but right now we've gotta take a break, don't go anywhere!
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