Unaired Eve Segment on Super Smackdown

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Zamorakian, Feb 23, 2012.

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  1. [​IMG]
  2. She reminds me abit of Lita when the Edge / Matt Hardy thing went down here.
  3. Bored of her already to be honest.
  4. at least Kane got? Eve to embrace the hate.
  5. Made me laugh quite hard :hehe:
  6. Idgaf how she is on the mic, she's fucking hot.
  7. Daniel Bryan and AJ can be the next Edge/Lita couple.
  8. WTF? Why was this not air it was PEFECT! WWE FUCK UP AGAIN! This is was a pefect way to start her new heel gimmick and WWE does not air it WTF WWE?!
  9. It couldn't fit, she doesn't need to get segments on both SmackDown and RAW. Hell if we don't see Swagger or Brodus then why should she get spotlight?
  10. I glad clay off TV his gimmick FUCKIN SUCK! I called the GAY FUCK Gimmick b/c that what it was! People are so piss when WWE should woman doing Sex thing to men yet that don't care if the grow up don't want that kids seeing so guy liking being touch by another man yet ok! I don't hate clay just he the retard gimmick that gave him! Everytime he on Tv I treat it as a commercial and change and everyone does the same thing he prove the last week he was on TV Jan. 30th Tyler Reks vs. Brodus Clay lost 166,000 viewers here the link of the soures of were I got that from http://www.phenomforever.com/?p=9164 ! As for Eve she deaseve I have said last year that should have turn her heel back when Kelly was the diva champion she could have attck he from behind and turn eve heel but WWE were to scary to turn her!
  11. Just because one match didn't draw it doesn't mean he's not a draw.

    He trends on Twitter (normally #1 worldwide) when he's on TV. The gimmick is great, he's more over than the likes of Big Show.
  12. True that but I hate Ryder's wrestling ability. That's all.
  13. I can see that Zack isn't great in ring for me either but he's got oodles of charisma.
  14. Eve is hot that sums it all up, forget her mic and in-ring ability.
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