Kayfabe Unbeatab-

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  1. Joseph Diamond remains laid on the canvas while Will Neilson celebrates his pinfall victory over Andersen Vegat, as Neilson's music continues to play on, Diamond rolls out of the ring, collapsing on the floor outside. As Neilson’s celebration comes to an end, Diamond pulls himself up by the announcers table. By the time Neilson is heading to the back, Diamond has grabbed his Intercontinental Championship, and has a microphone in hand. Once Neilson has disappeared from view, Diamond, now back in the ring, Intercontinental Championship in hand, begins to speak.

    Joseph Diamond: I know what you all believe you just witnessed.

    The end of an era. The undefeated streak has, at long last, come to an end.

    However, I was never pinned. I was never made to submit. In fact, I might as well of not been in this match at all. Will Nielsen may go down as the man who won this match, but it will be Andersen Vega who, in the record books will have yet another loss tied to his name.

    But my record stays clean, eight in a row. Undefeated for yet another day, another rung on the ladder leading to the top of this industry

    I might have not won tonight, but I am still Joseph Diamond and I remain UNBEATAB-
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  2. Suddenly, Joseph Diamond is silenced by a strike to the back. It appears that a fan had snuck into the ring, but under closer inspection, the man can be recognized as retired wrestler Bill Bronson! The man who defeated Joseph Diamond in his first match has just attacked him in the ring. Bronson towers over the downed Diamond, who has yet to realize who his attacker is. Taking no time to hesitate, Bronson lifts the dazed champion to his feet and stares directly into his eyes. He yells, "Remember me boy?" directly into his face. Diamond looks at him with confusion, but then has a revelation on who it is. He only has a moment, though, because Bronson then takes Diamond, lifts him, and spins him around his body as he puts him through the ground with a vicious side slam. Despite their former disdain toward the former European Champion, they are cheering for Bronson for the first time as he dismantles Joesph Diamond. Broken and battered, Joseph Diamond slowly rolls his way out of the ring, and to the ringside floor. In the ring, Bronson leans over and picks up the fallen title. He looks at it, and then holds it high above his head, signaling his intentions. The scene cuts to commercial as Bronson exits the ring.

    -End Segment-
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