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  1. *Victor Sokolov comes out to a chorus of boos, he bows at the top of the ramp and makes his way to the ring. A sign in the audience is ripped to shreds by Victor as he walks past the encore of boos. He climbs into the ring and poses on the top rope, then requests for a microphone and begins to talk.*

    Victor: You've seen what I can do with your own eyes, I said I would beat Rhys Haze.... and I did. *"What?"* I said I would beat Jack Rouge... and I did. *"What?"* Most importantly... I said I would crush and defeat Anthony Stark in a Last Man Standing match at Fully Loaded.... and I did! *The crowd boos loudly as Victor has a smile on his face and begins to talk again.* Tonight, I make another prediction.... another look into the distant future. Chris Young.... you may be the demon.... you may have travelled all over the globe and make yourself known in the wrestling world, but there is one thing you seem to have forgotten! You've never faced me! You have no idea of what I am capable of, and if you have tuned in to a Precision these last couple of weeks.... you might know that I've crushed and destroyed every human being that I have stepped in the ring with!

    *More boos emerge from the crowd, Victor climbs out of the ring and pulls out a chair from underneath the ring and throws it into the ring. He then pulls out a remote and climbs into the ring and sits down on the chair, he begins to speak again.*

    Victor: Get your popcorn ready Slimeballs! Showtime!

    *Victor presses play on the remote, it's footage from a security camera outside Rhys Haze's locker room. If shows Rhys going in, and then a few minutes later it shows him running out down the corridor in the same clothes the assailant who attacked Victor wore. Some of the crowd are in a bit of shock but most were expecting it.*

    Victor: Looks like our suspect has been caught! Rhys Haze, how about you come out here and stand before me you guilty piece of shit.

    *It doesn't take very long for Rhys Haze's music to start playing as Victor sits back down in the chair awaiting his assailant from Fully Loaded.*

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  2. Rhys walks out with a cunning grin on his face as he enters into the arena to make his first appearance of the night. Without his brother by his side the crowds have less of a reaction, the embarrassing loss streak of Rhys haze and the lack of Will with him still doesn't break his spirit however. Rhys is as hyped up as ever and his fighting energy gives him the confidence to confront Victor once again, even after being destroyed by him recently.

    Rhys: Hello Victor... Seems like you remember me! *Rhys is wearing the same black hoodie from when he attacked Victor after his victory over Sharpe. His fringe covers his left eye, Rhys is looking worn out and broken down.* I think we last met at Fully Loaded? Who was that guy that Pele kicked you in the ring after your lucky win over Sharpe? It couldn't of been me, I didn't even have a match that night! And someone else who didn't have a match that night... was Will. *The crowd burst out in excitement for just the mention of Will.* Will was screwed over, by YOU Victor. My best friend in this business is sidelined because of your ignorant actions. What did he ever do to you, why did he deserve this? *The crowd boo at Victor who have no respect for him* My guess is that 'Satan' possessed you because he wanted his prized possession, the Money in the Bank briefcase. Now I'm clueless why Satan would send one of his associates to come and steal a golden box. Damn, none of this even matters. I came out here to shake your hand and forgive you for what you did. *The crowd go silent. Is Rhys actually doing this? Being sympathetic for a Devil?*

    Rhys: *Rhys climbs into the ring slowly over the ropes, taking his time.* The Last Heroes weren't formed to hate people. We forgive and forget, I'm doing this on behalf of Will too. Im sorry for attacking you. *Rhys approaches Victor with his arm stretched out and his hand open, with a smile on his face* *Victor obviously objects to this handshake and kicks Rhys' hand hard and looks away from him and laughs hard.*

    Rhys grabs Victor's shoulder and spins him back around and sneaks in his butterfly DDT finisher. However, Victor escapes hastily it and jumps in the air to give Rhys the hell blade, but Rhys pushes him out of the way almost instantly. While Victor is stunned Rhys goes for a back flip Pele kick but misses after Victor jumps out of the way to dodge it after receiving the move previously at Fully Loaded. Its like they know eachother too well already... Rhys has a sudden realisation that he tried to take out Victor with no mercy. It was another blatant sneak attack which is very odd for him to do. Rhys walks backwards again to the ropes and falls over, then rolls out the ring as fast as he can, not looking back once. His attack failed and once again he made a fool of himself. Victor stays in the ring waiting for his opponent to arrive, unharmed by Rhys.

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