Kayfabe Unbreakable.

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    Terra Blaze: Please welcome my guest at this time, one of the three men who will hope to emerge with the European Championship, Joseph Diamond.

    Joseph Diamond dramatically steps into frame, sunglasses on face and scarf on shoulder, causing a mixed uproar from the audience.

    Joseph Diamond: Alright, I'm gonna stop you right there, Terra, because you phrased that cold open very oddly, I don't "hope" that I'm going to win the European Championship tonight, I know I will. And it's not just me. You know it too, you know, deep down, that Tony Stark nor Anderson Vega stand a chance against the now 2 and 0 sensation, Joseph Diamond.

    Terra Blaze: Now I actually wanted to ask you about that, Joseph, you say you are now, what, 2 and 0?

    Joseph Diamond:
    Yeah, 2 and 0. I dismantled whats-his-face two weeks ago, and then last week when I stood off against Jack Rogue, I beat him while barely breaking a sweat, continuing my undefeated tear in the process.

    Terra Blaze:
    I am not questioning either of those victories, I'm just wondering if you are aware that you lost to Bill Bronson in your debut?

    Joseph Diamond: No, I distinctly do not remember that. And let me just ask, who is Bill Bronson? Does he work here?

    Terra Blaze:
    Um, no? He retir-

    Joseph Diamond:
    Well there you go. I'm not here to talk about your little fantasy matches you've played out in your head against imaginary people. I'm here to talk about my impending European Championship victory. So ask me how I feel going into both my first Pay-Per-View and my first championship match.

    Terra Blaze: ....How do you feel going into what is your first Pay-Per-View and your first championship match? Are you feeling any pressure?

    Diamond grabs the microphone from Terra and begins to talk directly into the camera, an intense look in his...sunglasses and a snarl on his lips, he continues to speak

    Joseph Diamond: Well that's a great question Terra, and the answer to that is yes. I always feel the pressure. I am a product of pressure. Without pressure, I wouldn't be here. Without feeling the pressure to rehabilitate my shoulder. If I didn't feel the pressure to live up to my fathers legacy, if I didn't feel the pressure to give a better life to my family, my career is all about thriving under pressure. So yes, I am feeling the pressure here tonight, but that is all the more reason for Vega and Stark to be terrified of what awaits them.

    Terra Blaze:
    Joseph, do you have any words for your opponents heading into your match tonight?

    Joseph Diamond: It's very simple. I am not about to throw away the best comeback story of all time by coming up short against someone who looks like Tony Stark does., I have a refusal to lose to someone who thinks red hair dye and tattooing there face are good life choices.

    And Anderson Vega. I have to say, I respect you. I respect how you carry yourself. But tonight. You will learn the same thing as your lapdog Jackson Rogue learned last week, that when you get in my way, bad things will happen to you. I have no qualms making you take a permanent vacation if that is what I have to do tonight. I really hope it doesn't come to that, Andy, and I really do wish I could just steamroll through Stark like I know I will and just be done with it, but unfortunately, that is not how it's going to go down.

    I will tell you exactly how this will go down. You'll knock me down. I'll get back up. Stark'll knock me down, I'll get back up. You'll both take me down AT THE SAME TIME, and I'll get right back up. I'll knock down Stark. He'll stay down, because, let's be honest, Stark has one weak chin. And as for you, Andy, I'll knock you down, and you might get up once, twice, even, but that third time...you'll never want to get up again. And you won't. Because this one week reign you've got, Stark, it's only temporary. But Diamond, diamond is forever.

    Diamond smirks, hands the microphone back to Terra, then quickly and dramatically popping out of the frame, leaving Terra looking surprised as she throws back to ringside


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