Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Stopspot, Jan 1, 2014.

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  1. Major sads.

    Sleep now, fresh prince.

    Tribute thread established.
  2. Oh, whoops. Someone linked it on Facebook, em [​IMG]
  3. Dude who played Carlton was the one to report it to TMZ so it is legit this time
  4. Oh fuck that blows. RIP.
  5. :downer: Sad news! I love Fresh Prince and he did an awesome job on that show.
  6. Awww man. That sucks. :downer:
  7. statistically speaking for an obese black dude he lived a pretty long life
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  8. James Avery isn't dead, Jazz is trying to get into Heaven. So somebody needs to throw him out :tough:
  9. Well damn, that sucks, R.I.P.
  10. Shredder in the original TMNT an pd uncle Phil. Truly a Legend RIP :sad1:
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  11. That sucks. RIP big guy.
  12. Also played Junkyard Dog in Hulk Hogan's wrestling cartoon show :downer:
  13. Dam it Kelso, he accidentally shot his officer.
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  14. wow I was watching that show last night too :emoji_slight_frown:

  15. Lets listen to Fresh Prince of Bel-Air's opening and remember him. Seriously, this is sad news, personally loved the series and he was one of my fav characters. I was 4 when I started watching it... I spent my life thinking about how cool would be to have a black dad and thought I was black as well haha (then I turned 6 and knew I was white...)
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  16. I seen this posted the other day and didn't think anything of it till someone told me it happened. Loved that show. He will be missed.
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