Kayfabe Uncool. (Seriously, WTF Bill)


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A SUDDEN EXPLOSIONS OF TRUMPETS. It's Joseph Diamond! The Intercontinental Champion must be in quite a mood right now, after being assaulted by the previously retired Bill Bronson. As he enters the ring a fan yells "OVERRATED", which upsets Diamond, but only for a second as his offense quickly turns to defense as he yells back "AT LEAST I'M RATED" at the fan. Diamond looks very proud of himself. Huh. Diamond grabs a microphone from one of the corners and begins to speak.....slowly.

Joseph Diamond:
Still undefeated.........yes...I am. It's an impressive feat, I know, believe me, I do, but my eighth victory in as many weeks is brought down by the attack I suffered at the hands of former European Champion, Bill Bronson. Now let me tell you something about Bill Bronson. He is a man playing a dangerous game, a game that I don't think he's prepared to play. And here's the thing about Joseph Diamond, I don't play games. I don't mess around in here. That is how my streak has increased to 8 and 0, the ruthless aggression I show at all times, and Bill Bronson had to resort to a cheap shot to take me out last week, a blow to the back, he tossed me around the ring like a ragdoll, and you all cheered for him. You cheered for assault. I was assaulted last week and you all cheered on the assaulter. What is wrong with you? I will never understand you people, nor do I really care to find out, but I digress. But enough about that old man, that old news. Mr. Irrelevant, forget about him, put him in the back of your minds. Tonight, I go one on one with the Undisputed Champion Will Nei-

Bill Bronsons theme suddenly comes on, this will be fun I'm sure.


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Bill Bronson slowly makes his way out from the backstage area. He is wearing a plain black jacket, but he oddly enough has his ring gear on underneath. He holds a microphone in his hand and begins to make his way down to the ring to meet Joseph Diamond. Upon reaching the ring, he meets his rival face to face, and the crowd is chanting "Bronson" in support of the grizzled veteran.

"Boy, y'know you got a lotta nerve to come out here and start talking to me like that. I don't know if I knocked your head a few times too many when I beat you months ago or what, but you sure are one dense son of a bitch. Now, I'm not out here to pander to these people, frankly, I could give a damn what they think."

The crowd reacts poorly to Bronson not caring for their opinions, also the fact that he hadn't changed since he left the company.

"But I've been sitting at home far too long listening to you babble on about how you're the greatest wrestler to have ever lived; and how you've yet to lose a match. Well, I'll be blunt boy, you are far from the greatest, and you know as much as I do that you are not undefeated. So, I had a little conversation with Ryan Blake a few weeks ago, and he agreed that it was about time that somebody finally put your ass in its place."

The crowd is continually fluctuating back and forth with their opinion on Bronson. One moment they cheer him insulting Diamond, then boo him after he says something negative directed towards them. It's a very bizarre scene.

"Joey, it's time for you to lace up your boots and put your big boy pants on. Because at Wrestle Dynasty, you will be defending that Intercontinental Championship, and it will be defended... Against me."

Bronson laughs into his microphone as his theme begins to fill the arena once more. He backs his way out of the ring as Joseph Diamond stands in the ring, completely flustered. The camera stays focused on Bronson making his exit as the show cuts to a commercial.

-End Segment-

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