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  1. Are you seriously going to go out there and talk about being undefeated? You lost agains-

    No I didn't. I don't know what you're talking about but I'm sure its something that never happened.

    Oh, okay. Let me know when you're done being delusional.

    I will!

    The on-stage pyro suddenly explodes, signalling that the arrival of Joseph Diamond is just 22 seconds away. Exciting stuff.

    Joseph Diamond:
    Now let me start by saying I told you so. None of you believed I could pull it off, Patrick Young sure didn't. But last week, right in this very ring I showed resiliency never seen before when I kicked out of not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, not FOUR, but FIVE match-ending maneuvers. It took just two Diamond Twists and and two Black Diamonds, and one extremely well placed Diamond in the Rough for The Scatman to be dispelled, netting me a victory in my first match on Precision, making me 1-0. Undefeated. Now this didn't come as a surprise to me, my wife or my two daughters, but for some reason all of you seemed to write me off. No one thought that Joseph Diamond could come out here and beat someone, who, has yet to win a match anywhere. It's absurd to me. But the past is the past. I forgive you for doubting me. It's not your fault, you didn't know better. You should've. But you didn't. I understand.

    But with my first victory behind me, I needed to ask myself "what is next for Joseph Diamond", and then I checked the match card. And it turns out, what is next for me, is Jackson Rogue. And I actually have to ask you something, Jack. After failing to capture the Iron Man Championship against Anderson Vega last week, where do you get the ego, the gall, the NERVE to sign off on a match against the Diamond Standard, the Old Prince, the Diamond in the Rough, Joseph Diamond? How can you step into this ring and go face-to-face with myself and think that you have any chance of getting past me? Jack. I am not playing around when I say, I will destroy you, I will leave you tattered in this very ring, to the point where you don't want to show up for Summerslam, you won't want to turn up for Precision ever again, you won't be able to show your face around here because you will get beaten so spectacularly that you will forever be no longer be Jack Rogue, you will simply be known as "Joseph Diamond's second victim". And while that does definitely roll off the tongue, I will take no pleasure in ruining your career. Jack, if you come out here, I will destroy you. And not because I have a problem with you, not because it's anything personal. It's because you're in my way. You're a deer in the middle of the road, I don't want to run you over, but if you don't get out of my way, I'll have no choice but to run you over.

    And when you feel the full effects of a 24 Karat Facebuster, a Diamond in the Rough, a Black Diamond, a Diamond Twist, and one more Diamond in the Rough, just for good measure, and you physically cannot get up before the ref's hand strikes the mat for the third time in three seconds, and then you're left laying on the mat, looking up at the lights, and your ears are filled with your fans chanting for me, you will realize, that you have nothing. That is your future if you come out here. I will make an example out of you, I will send a message to the Iron Man Champion, the European Champion, and a more direct message to the Undisputed Champion. And I won't stop there, I'll send a message to Tyson Blade, I'll send a message to THE Blade, I'll send a message to whoever the fuck Victor Sokolov is, I'll send a message to every one of your adoring fans. And it will read "Joseph Diamond has arrived, get out of my way or be dealt with." You know why, Jack? Because you are a temporary obstacle, but Diamond. Diamond is forever.

    What'll it be, Jack?
    Jack Rogue's theme hits.
    ....Wrong choice.
    As Jack Rogue makes his entrance, Diamond tosses the mic out of the ring, throws his Diamond is Forever shirt (available now on shop.precision.com) into the audience, causing a mini-scuffle between two drunk fans, he then throws his overly-douchey sunglasses into the audience as well, hitting a small child. He takes his scarf, and places it neatly by ringside.
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