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  1. It's almost main event time here on Precision. The Blade vs Joseph Diamond, Iron Man Champion vs European Champion, both first round draft picks to Ryan Blake and Buster Gates teams respectively, the draft has put these two on a collision course, and we get to see that collision, LIVE! Next as Precision rolls on

    Joseph Diamond makes his entrance....with the European Championship nowhere to be seen, when Diamond rolls into the ring, he quickly rolls back out and grabs a microphone, before rolling back in so he can begin to explain just whats going on.

    Joseph Diamond: I know what you're gonna say....where's the European Championship, Joseph? And thats a great question, I can understand why you're confused. Y'know, when I woke up Monday morning I felt accomplished, I had finally achieved what for so long I've longed for. To be called a champion. I was the European Champion. So when I got up, and got ready to take my kids to school, I took a glance at my European Championship. And a thought ran through my head. "Why am I the champion of Europe? I've never even been there", and my mind kept running, and I had another thought, "everyone who has ever held the European championship becomes irrelevant as soon as they lose the European Championship", that title isn't a symbol for greatness. It's a symbol for failure. Disappointments. I am neither a failure nor a disappointment. And so, it is with all of the pride in my heart to introduce you to a championship to surpass the European Championship.

    Hopefully this goes better than it did in rehearsal.

    Well it'd be difficult for it to go worse.

    A championship belt begins to descend from the rafters, and after about 15 seconds, The championship comes face-to-face with Diamond, and Diamond takes it off of the device it was hanging from previously, and throws the new championship over his shoulder. White strap, gold plating, a blue centerpiece, and a surprisingly low amount of diamonds make up this new belt.

    Joseph Diamond: This championship will represent the greatness that comes with this industry. Whoever wears this around their shoulder will become the diamond standard. This is championship is one that Disputes the Undisputed Championship. This championship is a clean slate. This championship is my redemption. This championship is a reminder to everyone in the back that they are not as good as Joseph Diamond. And they never will be. Team Blue, Team Green. It doesn't matter, I am a level above, and because I have this championship, I always will be. This is the Intercontinental Championship. Sorry, I misspoke. This is MY Intercontinental Championship. And until Wrestle Dynasty, it will represent Team Diamond's domination over Team Blue. And tonight. It will represent when Joseph Diamond beat The Blade, and prove, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I am the Diamond Standard of this industry.

    Oh and here comes The Blade! And it looks like all Joseph Diamond has done is motivated the Iron Man Champion even further! Oh my!
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    The Blade's theme rings through the sold out arena to his usually positive reaction. Wearing his Iron Man Championship proudly around his waist, Blade poses on the stage to another positive reaction. He begins walking down to the ring where his opponent, Joesph Diamond, remains stood, annoyed at the sight of The Blade. Before Blade can even make his way into the ring, Diamond can be heard shouting at The Blade.

    "Do not interrupt me! I'm a better champion than you! You don't belong out here!"

    Diamond's voice doesn't reach The Blade, however, for he is more focused on greeting the young fans in the front row. Eventually, he makes it to the ring and slides under the bottom rope. He comes face to face with the current Intercontinental Champion, who's annoyance level is reaching its peak.

    "Mr. Diamond, allow The Blade to begin by congratulating you on your victory at SummerSlam. While The Blade was more concerned about defending his Iron Man Championship against Tyson Blade, he did manage to catch the final moments of your match, and he must say that it was an impressive showing."

    Diamond seems a bit taken aback by The Blade's praise of him, although, he definitely appreciates any positive words he receives.

    "You managed to pull off a win that many people did not expect to happen... However, do not think for a second that you have the right to come out to this ring and act as though you are suddenly the most unbeatable man in the world. Instead of displaying a semblance of humility after you won a very coveted championship, you proceeded to come to this ring and disrespect a championship that many men have dreamed of holding. But no, the ever present ego of Joseph Diamond shone through, and he presented us with one of the ugliest championship belts of all-time."

    All of Joseph Diamond's happiness disappears, as The Blade insulted the design that he had put numerous hours into conjuring up. Nevermind Blade calling him a disrespectful egomaniac, he put so much thought into designing that belt.

    "No disrespect Joseph, but that championship looks very unappealing to the eye, and it looks even worse draped over your shoulder. Meanwhile, The Blade is currently holding a championship that he holds with much pride. A championship that he defends every week, which means he defends his honor and his respect for the history of this belt every time he steps into this ring. A history that doesn't need to be erased or rebranded. Because unlike you Joseph, The Blade has faith that he can carry this championship and those who used to hold it proudly. Meanwhile, you went on to invest in a new championship because you don't believe that you can carry such a huge honor, so you decided to start fresh, like a coward."

    Before The Blade can get another word out, he is cut off by the voice of Joseph Diamond, whose frustration is exceeding every scale in existence.
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  3. Joseph Diamond: You call me a coward? Blade, you're the biggest coward in this company. You come out and act like you're this hero, but I know the truth, Blade. I know that you're scared. You're scared so you hide yourself away, you hide yourself behind that mask you wear on your face. And yet they idolize you. The little kids, they wear your mask, because they want to be like you! And that's wrong of you. You're a false idol to these kids. And that's wrong of you. You mislead these people, and yet, you have the gal to insult me, insult my championship, insult my greatest accomplishments. Espeically when you had that title handed to you on a silver platter. Blade, you think you're a hero, these people, think you're a hero. But you're nothing but a hypocrite, and worse than all that, you're a liar. So give it up for him, folks give it for a liar, a hypocrite, and a coward! So tonight when I expose you for the liar, hypocrite and coward you are, you will realize why I'm the Intercontinental Champion, and why you're just the Iron Man Champion.

    Diamond and Blade stare each other down, when Blade says something inaudible to Diamond.....AND DIAMOND THROWS A HAYMAKER! Blade blocks it and turns it into an armdrag! Sending Diamond rolling out of the ring! It's Diamond and Blade, it's main event time on Precision, and it's next!
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