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Discussion in 'Gaming & Media' started by Senhor Perfect, Oct 7, 2014.

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  1. List the movies you think are underrated by the media/friends/friends.

    My first pick is "What About Bob?"


    A smart, funny comedy with great performances all around. This movie is never talked about and never shown on TV. If you haven't seen it, do yourself a favour and watch it.
  2. My next choice is "Goon"


    A great hockey movie. SWS's best performance of his career. If you hate hockey don't bother, but if you like hockey at all, or just hockey fights, you'll enjoy this immensely.
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  3. Goon is absolutely awesome.

    Snatch, So I married an axe murderer, and Haggard are 3 pretty underrated movies.
  4. Nobody ever talks about Jackie Brown when discussing QT. I find that strange, thus I deem this movie underrated

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  5. Jay and Silent bob strikes back is imo the most underrated movie out of Kevin Smith's movies.

    Also, Ready to Rumble
  6. The Pledge. The fact that it stars Jack Nicholson in the leading role and is directed by Sean Penn makes it even more underrated. It's a slow-burn detective story with an ending that feels weird and a bit rushed at first (although on second viewing, I loved it), but it's a good movie worth seeing that hardly ever gets mentioned.
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  7. Goal III
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  8. The Room, Directed by Tommy Wiseau, Written by Tommy Wiseau and Starring Tommy Wiseau as Johnny.
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  9. You think J&SB Strikes back is underrated? That was a really commonly discussed movie in my early teen years.. maybe that was just around me in America though.

    Ready to Rumble I will agree with, the farting nuns who were singing Running with the Devil by Van Halen was a classic seen.. also many WCW wrestlers being in it makes it an automatic like for this forum's users. One of favorite parts with a wrestler in it is probably Sting's appearance.

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  10. The Human Stain.. I don't know if I would call this underrated or maybe it's just that not many people have heard of it.


    Anthony Hopkins, Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris, and Greg Kinnear star.. it's a movie about a professor (Hopkins) who is accused of racism (very ironic after seeing his past) and his relationship with a much younger woman (Kidman).

    One hell of a movie.. I suggest checking it out.
  11. Jay and Silent bob strike back was huge in my teens, I still laugh about all that today. Mallrats to me is an extremely underrated movie and imo the best of the collection.
  12. As a monster Kevin Smith fan I can safely say that Chasing Amy is his most underrated flick

    edit: or MAYBE Dogma, just because few people seem to have seen it.
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  13. Death Sentence (from 2007) with Kevin Bacon is a great little revenge movie.
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  14. Dogma was very underrated.

    SLC PUnk is a movie I find to be pretty underrated around my area.
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  15. I love that film.. great pick!
  16. [​IMG]
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  17. our movie preferences are eerily similar
  18. Fearless.
  19. I don't hear much about it to be honest so I'll throw 'Death to Smoochy' out there.


    This movie is a super underrated kids movie IMO, I'm curious how many of you have actually seen it to be honest..

    It's called "We're Back! A Dinosaur's Story!"..

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