Undertaker 2013 Plans, Vince’s Reaction To Punk Attacking Fan, The Rock on RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Oct 11, 2012.

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    Interesting to see that Taker might have one more title run, even if it's only for like one night (probably lose it on RAW to someone, passing of the torch) :smug:

    No surprise about The Rock. They need to get people paying attention to RAW again... and quick.. :urm:
  2. Fuck sake just change to two hours. The 2.X ratings they're getting would be normal ratings if the show was 2 hours long. Fuck Vince.
  3. Any rating below 3.0, 2 hours or 3 is bad. :lol1:
  4. If it were 2 hours this would have been around 2.9/3.1 I think. Something like that.

    Also their still monster ratings lol.
  5. The ratings sucked which is good. They're gonna bring Rock back to save the ratings now? lol.

    Undertaker winning the Rumble and getting title at WM? :haha: I don't believe this. If this happened, Ziggler would have to cash in right after he wins at WM so they can take Taker off TV after WM. I doubt that will happen.

    Vince can't do anything about Punk.
  6. isnt the rock still filming fast 6
  7. Currently yes. Not sure if it's every day though.
  8. Taker to get buyrates and Rock for ratings huh. Nothing like relying on part-timers.
  9. To add to Taker winning the Rumble thing, it's also being said that he might face Punk in a losing effort:

    I'll be incredibly surprised if this does infact happen, I would not be dissapointed in the slightest though. I'd love to see the outcome of it. With Punk beating Taker, could that make everyone respect him and have a huge face turn? Or would he still be in the same place he is? As much as I'd like to see him win, I don't want him to go back to his goofy face character again.

    Oh and, three hours is too long. Not for myself, but for children. My little brother who is a huge wrestling fan can't sit three hours of RAW, especially in the state it is now. It is imo getting really boring and almost a chore to watch.
  10. Punk beating Taker's streak? Not necessary imo, but it'd be OK. We'd have to know when will Punk retire though, since he says he's retiring early...
  11. :dafuq:

    So Randy was right after all about Taker having another reign..:shock:
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  12. CM Punk will never learn. At least Vince taught him a little about respect..


    Oh, he was?? Didn't know that. That's a shocker. :shock:
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