News Undertaker at WM 32? vs. Sting?

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    It is just huge speculation. The Undertaker says he feels fine but Do you think he looks ok?
  2. Sting vs Taker at WM 32 in their retirement match sits well with me. Wouldn't surprise me at all if it happened.
  3. A retirement match is what the fans want. Just think If sting loses back-2-back loses at WM.
  4. Well, Taker ain't taking 2 WM losses either. Sting's prolly been promised a HOF induction in the near future, so losing to Trips this year and to Taker next year is what's gonna get him into the HOF.
  5. Since Sting lost to Triple H this year, I don't see this match happening. I mean it really kind of made Sting look weak. I feel that Triple H should've jobbed this one. Then let Sting lose next year in a retirement match. Triple H just beat Brock at Mania 29 and then lost to DB at Mania 30. He could've taken one more loss and not looked too weak. I didn't mind Triple H winning per say, but if they plan on doing Taker and Sting next year, the logic is off.
  6. yaaaaawn
  7. Tell me I just didn't read that. What, you wouldn't wanna see two 50-55 year old guys fighting each other? :aries2:
  8. Well, no. :dawg:
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  10. I think retirement is what the fans want to see. The match is ehhh
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  11. Dat is sum tru shit rite ther
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    What the fuck, why. If you're really going with another undertaker match just make it a bray wyatt vs taker 2. Taker wouldn't look as bad losing seeing as it would be Bray's second attempt and the taking of the torch is a cool enough way of ending his carreer.

    If they want taker to go out winning doe, they can fuck right off with the idea with putting him with another young guy. Just slap him this face-painted dinossaur as this rumor says and be done with it.
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  13. :lol1: I approve of this approach to the situation.
  14. Agreed, taker and sting would be dumb. Considering sting lost, too. Wyatt winningsnd taking takers soul would be best
  15. Zero fucks. Although if it prevents either guy from going over a younger superstar, then I'm all for it.
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