Undertaker injured

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Stopspot, Oct 24, 2012.

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  2. Sad to say it but If he's that bad physically don't bring him back.
  3. I dont believe it. In September it said that Taker can even wrestle full time.
  4. Wonder if that spinebuster on the steps spot had anything to do with it.
  5. Was pretty sick watching that match though. :smug:
  6. Have him skip this years WM, they don't need him if Brock and Rock are there, just have him recover. He should be wrestling at Wrestlemania 30 -- for his last match -- and then perhaps having someone have the ultimate rub by going over him, or by retaining his streak and retiring.
  7. Sounds like a good plan. In the mean time, induct him to the Hall of Fame.
  8. If he wants to continue wrestling for a few more years he's going to have to fully recover. He don't want to end up in a wheel chair. I agree... Let him rest 29 and come back 30.
  9. He should just retire.
  11. Not surprised. He should skip 29 then, wrestle at 30 and retire at once before things get worse.
  12. Isn't he wrestling Shumus at Summerslam for the world title then goin back to SD? Why did Randy lie to me :sad:
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