Undertaker looking Good?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Lackin, Mar 27, 2015.

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    Well if I'm honest I had my doubts about how the undertaker would look and if he would be in shape. I recall seeing a image not long ago and he did not look to good. But apparently he is doing fine
  2. How tall is Michelle McCool?
  3. Tall enough to ride. High five, hooooaaaaahhhh

    Dude looks like taker, sweet.
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  4. Undertaker might not work a good match Sunday... looks can be decieving, but i'm hearing he's not in shape
  5. There was very little doubt amongst most people as to whether or not he'd be able to get himself into shape again by Wrestlemania.

    The main concern has to do with whether or not he'll be able to put on an adequate performance in the ring, or if his body is just so fragile by this point that he'll end up accidentally hurting or concussing himself again. We won't know that until we see him wrestle at Mania itself.
  6. Undertaker vs. Wyatt is the match I am least looking forward to, I already know it's gonna feel akward and forced, like Undertaker and Kane at WM20
  7. He wasn't in shape last year and I doubt his cardio is any better this year. Yea, he lifted some weights and is buff. Duh. He still won't have a lick of stamina.
  8. I think he will be fine. Sure, he's not as spry as he once was, I mean he's okder and that's expected. But last year was kind of an accident. Guy just landed on his head wrong and got a concussion. It could've happened. It's what causes his whole match with lesnar to spiral. I'm sure he Will do fine this year.
  9. 5'10 she's rocking pumps tho so she looks taller.

    Taker wasn't looking the best last year but he still lasted what 20 something minutes? although it wasn't quite the amount of action as expected but there was a good bit.
  10. He got a concussion towards the beginning of the match. Otherwise, he would've been fine and the match would've been way better.
  11. I'm confident he'll work without any trouble.
  12. Here's to hoping. ^
  13. He'll most likely be fine. Wyatt won't throw him around like Lesnar would and they'll have a pretty safe match (probably). The guy looks like he's in good shape, hopefully his stamina will hold up.
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  14. He'll be good for 10 minutes.
  15. so roughly the duration of his entrance?
  16. Well, he wasn't that bad.
  17. Yeah, he looked much better than last year.
  18. He did catch a concussion early on/get his ass legit whooped by Brock too. Big difference in match style. That's why I never expected brock/Taker in the first place. Props to Taker for signing up for that ass whooping I guess. You wake up the next day feeling a lot better after wrestling Bray than Bork. I imagine the night after wrestling Bork you feel like you got hit by a train
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  19. He looked better because he didn't get a concussion this time. lol.
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