Undertaker Loses to Brock Lesnar - Best Fan Reactions from youtube?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Super Saiyan Goku, Apr 25, 2014.

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    i'm sorry
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  3. I was joking. I glad I was not in this video.
  4. I have to agree with the guy about the divas match being after Taker's though.

    WWE: Oh yeah, we just ended a 21 year WM winning streak with an ending the majority of the WWE universe won't like. Lets stick with that trend for at least one more match and send the divas out next.

  5. Nate was pretty funny when he said anyone can have his network account.
  6. Dude, if you KNOW you're taping yourself, don't pick your nose on camera! Do it before or after lmao
  7. You know alot of those guys? Or you just know his name is Nate? I get the feeling the one dude with the messed up glasses was acting. Over acting really.
  8. not pick it. i alject to dist mist and my nose itchose alot.
  9. Yeah, you weren't knuckle deep or anything, but it was noticeable. To me anyway
  10. His Nate I know b/c I friend with him. he used big time youtuber back in day when he his nmc019 acount. but he closed it. and now has a new acount which ownly has 200 suber on it.
  11. OIC
  12. yeah he the ownly one knew in this video. idk any of the other guys so i can't speak for them.
  13. Dude we all notice it. Just step out of frame or something?

    You always pick boogers and fart on cam. Its not lady like.
  14. "lady like" lmao
  15. I am a big Undertaker fan and I was shocked to see the streak end.
  16. As were we all. Well, except BLFFL
  17. If I didn't give a damn does it count as shocked? My exact reaction was "huh."

    then I went to the refrigerator.
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  18. Do yous think Sting vs Undertaker will happen at WM 31 even though the streak ended.
  19. Eh maybe. Unexpected to say the least. I was like "What? Really? Aw man" and then the divas match came on and I repeated myself.
  20. :no:
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