WrestleMania Undertaker NOT to appear in this year's WrestleMania?

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  1. It was posted on the WrestleNewz.

    I really hope he ain't taking a time off from Mania. WrestleMania isn't quite it without The Phenom...

    And if he chooses to not be part of WrestleMania, well, it's going to be a shitty WrestleMania...
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  2. The current scheduled line up for WM isn't interesting at all furthermore The Undertaker not participating at WM won't be the same and will defiantly effect this years buy-rate. I hope he does compete this year to help the current line-up and help build WM 29 into a better PPV since it is their biggest PPV of the year.
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  3. Well, who knows. He appears to be screwed up physically anyway. But this gets my hopes up for a triple threat instead of Rock/Cena II.
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  4. Am I wrong in thinking that the best thing is for him not to return? His health has got to come first.
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  5. Nah. I actually thought he should have retired after his match last year.
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  6. Well...This are bad news , However I can see a triple thread match for the WWE title, so it wouldn't be a really bad f he doesn't have a match at WM
  7. Good. He doesn't need to appear at Wrestlemania 29. Give him the year off to completely heal, and then have him wrestle against Cena at Wrestlemania 30.
  8. If Cena end the streak at WM30, I'm seriously done with the WWE.
  9. He wouldn't, lol.
  10. I agree great servant to wwe but he is no spring chicken and i don't want to see him in pain.
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  11. I don't want to see him pull of a Ric Flair...

    If you know what I mean...
  12. If true, WM buys are going down the shitter then. I predict at least 10-15% down. IF true.
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  13. Agreed, people just aren't interested in Cena/Rock ii or Brock HHH (they never really were that bothered), watching Undertaker face somebody new is about the most interesting thing I can think of at 'Mania this year tbh.
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  14. I agree that he should either retire or take a year off. Mania will do just fine anyways, drop a bit in buys but it won't kill it.
  15. End of an era would've been a fine way to end it, but I just don't see it.
  16. You sure? :hmm:
  17. I called this. Skipping the WM after the end of an era match gives off the impression (kayfabe wise) that he really is retired, only for him to come out and challenge Cena to one final match at Wrestlemania 30 (or vice versa) because Cena is the biggest challenge left for him to take on. It makes me fear though that Cena will beat the streak because at least then Undertaker can say he made to at least twenty wins before losing. If they become so desperate to make Cena their biggest star ever that they give him Taker's streak, I'm seriously done with WWE, which means I'm done with wrestling entirely. That sounds like a hyperbole statement, but I'm already nowhere near the passionate wrestling fan I used to be, this would be the thing that drove me away completely.

    That said, it's good that the main event might be a triple threat (called that too, Cena's Raw promo hinted at it, me thinks) but I was hoping that would install hope that Taker/Brock would happen instead of HHH/Brock. Because I could still see Triple H sitting WM out before Undertaker. Guess not.
  18. If Cean can't beat the ROck at WM! THERE NO WAY IN HELL CENA BEATING UNDERTAKER AT WM! But Undertaker WILL BE AT WM29!
  19. Ah bored of this shit. For years especially last 2 years there are rumors like this but every single time he kept coming back. His gimmick is deadman but oh, this guy is a deadman in reality as well. Against all these injuries, all this odds he kept wrestling even once a time a year, in a high level. He competed in high level matches. Believe me he will be here at least for 2 years. This one and the next one.
  20. It's just 1 match. As long as Taker doesn't take unnessery risks he should be able to do 1 match w/o diminishing his health.
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