Undertaker on RAW next week!

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Lingstar, Apr 16, 2013.

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  1. Firstly...Hi everybody, sorry I've been away and inactive for a while. Moved in with the Grandparents, they had a limited broadband allowance so I couldn't use my laptop too much. All upgraded now so I'm back online properly!

    Secondly, Undertaker has been added to the WWE Tickets page for Raw next Monday at the O2 in London.

    I was disappointed earlier when Punk was pulled from it for real but a few hours later Undertaker's face appeared!

    Rumoured to be tagging with Hell No against The Shield. Will definitely be one to remember for all of us in the London crowd if that is the case :emoji_slight_smile:

  2. they made the match official on RAW last night btw. So if you are going you will see it.
  3. Brothers of Destruction and Team Hell No in the same team, may be a great team
  4. I suspect that Shield will destroy the Undertaker and then the match will happen at Extreme Rules instead.
  5. I'm about to watch RAW actually. It's awesome to know he'll be there, I knew he'd been confirmed for the SmackDown night at the O2 but had secretly hoped they'd add him to RAW too.
  6. Probably so Taker can work his last UK tour.
  7. Yeah I thought it would probably be his last one and my first, very lucky!
  8. Maybe that happens, it'd suck but that's what may happen
  9. I just hope Undertaker is able and has some feud this year and we will not have wait utnil Wm30 to see him again! Make 1 more title run if he up to it!?

  10. That would be awesome. One more Kane/Taker feud?
  12. Happy medium...world/wwe title run feuding with Kane? Resulting in a final battle at WM30 and retirement for Taker and even Kane if he wants to call it a day then (fingers crossed he wouldn't!)
  13. nah he will vs rock or cena next year at wm30
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