WrestleMania Undertaker on WrestleMania 31 Ad

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Roadster, Sep 28, 2014.

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  1. [​IMG]

    What'd you guys think? It'll be weird seeing him back and it would be best if he didn't come back. IMO.
  2. I think they'll just stick him in for one final match...I mean, with the time he has until WM 31, He could probably pull off a decent match given he's given a good opponent...
  3. Money.
    Besides that, he's already being held together by duct tape. Why not keep going?
    We may advice him to sit, but why should he care what we think?
    Brock Lesnar was a bad opponent from the get go. Punk was great for him, coming off two h*llish matches with HHH.
    He could take a Mania off here or there, but otherwise give him a safe opponent and let him decide.

    Jericho, Bryan, Sting, Zayn are all safe workers. Tagging shouldn't be out of the question either, particularly if that tag match involves Sting (which I'd prefer).
  4. At this point, I'm kinda indifferent whether he's booked for one final match at WM31 or not. I still think his final match should've been at WM28 with streak intact, 20-0. I'd have nothing against Taker showing up at WM and giving his retirement speech, though.

    But, what's the point bringing him back now? He already lost to Lesnar, he has that 1 huge loss... The streak isn't the same, it's kinda meh, it doesn't feel special anymore.
    Making him appear at Mania once again to defend the streak and win this time wouldn't be as special as it used to be, 'cause the streak's already broken. Move on. Retire.
  5. Looks photo shopped to me, personally. There's a lot of pixelation around the text, looks like it's covering something up? First thing that came to my mind was the truck that had the SmackDown changing to Thursdays on.
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  6. It was retweeted by AJ Lee.
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  7. Doesn't really matter. It still looks photo-shopped. Delik has a point there.
  8. Should I believe Delik or AJ Lee?
    AJ Lee could be wrong and just tweeted out of ignorance.... but... should I believe Delik or AJ Lee?
  9. Me. Without a shadow of a doubt.

    Wrestlers are the biggest players of ribs going. You should know this.
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  10. I like the arrogance. I bolded the important part, the rest is virtually meaningless.
    Great post overall though.
  11. I'd go with Delik. Why would you believe AJ Lee?
    For all we know, Punk could've been banging her (in a doggy style) and her eyes might've gotten a bit blurry, maybe she hit her head on something, so she couldn't tell the difference and just retweeted out of ignorance and blurry vision...
  12. The majority of my posts are arrogant. Again, you should know this. I'm disappointed that you don't.
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  13. Why would I believe AJ Lee? I would believe AJ Lee because she works for the company and is on the trailer herself.
    That's my rationale.
  14. Unfortunately, I don't read all your posts. I live in the present, not the past.
    99% of the time you're a d*** so I suppose, technically, I am well aware you're a b*tch.
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  15. Do not always trust your rationale.
  16. Anyway, this is literally a nonstory. He's there because when you think wrestlemania you think Undertaker.

    End of thread
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  17. But... Now when you think of WM, there's only one man that everyone will think of, that's everyone's nightmare...

  18. During debates I always go with rationale.
    If I'm talking with a buddy I may disclose rationale and be more philosophical.
  19. Of course you go with your rationale, most of the time. I was just messing around, buddy.
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  20. Thread continued. If people have a take, let it ride. The more posts, the merrier.
    If every thread were moderated by you, it would be boring because you rule with an iron fist.
    I'm surprised you're not actually that Gohan cat that refuses to be open to interpretation.

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