Undertaker Possibly Returning To Television Soon, Reason For McMahon's Return

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Donald Trump_, Jun 6, 2012.

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  1. - Vince McMahon's return to television on next Monday's Raw SuperShow is being done in response to the program's disappointing ratings figures in recent weeks. He will kick off the three-hour show with an evaluation of John Laurinaitis's job performance as General Manager of Raw and SmackDown, which company officials are hopeful will boost first hour viewership.

    The show was originally pegged as the second choice for the date of the annual WWE Draft. However, with so many wrestlers working both Raw and SmackDown, the idea was dropped.

    - Kane is today's featured Superstar on WWE.com.

    - Raw SuperShow will permanently expand to a three-hour show starting with the 1,000th episode on July 23 at 8/7 CT on USA Network. WWE officials have reportedly contacted nearly two dozen former performers for cameo appearances on the program, which will be treated as pay-per-view quality event. The entire roster will be on hand for the show and there is a chance new talent will be introduced as well. Officials are hopeful that The Undertaker appears at the event. If he does, it will likely be promoted weeks in advance rather than as a surprise.

    source: F4WOnline.com
  2. The 3 hour special will only mean another load of adverts stuck in the show. It will not change much but hopefully you will see some of the smaller superstars.

  3. :yay:

    Kane will win the WWE Championship!
  4. Please don't tell me Randy Savage is right yet again.
  5. How the hell will he win a title foe a one show appearance. I think you are in the clear bro.
  7. Exactly. at worse he will be half right.
  8. I'm expecting to see Undertaker on the 1000th Raw. He deserves to be on it.
  9. Undertaker definitely deserves to be on the 1000th episode. More so than anyone else.
  10. I'd markymark for a Taker appearance but I sure as hell would kill myself if he went for a title.
  11. Does that mean your brother would take over the site then? Can he keep up with Sandy?
  12. This new superstar better be Ambrose.
  13. :yes: :yes: :yes:


    I TOLD YOU SO! UNDERTAKER COME AND GET IN A STORYLINE SOMEONE AND THEN WHEN BACK THE WORLD TITLE AT SUMMERSLAM! Or will vs. Bryan? but anyway YES! And with Orton out right now that NEED him more then EVER right now! :yes:

  14. Either you are incredibly naive or just don't read entire articles Randy.

    It says he will most likely appear for a one of appearance celebrating the 1000th episode. There is no info on a possible storyline for Taker. I say the only time Taker will have a long running story on a WWE show again is when he retires. Neither does it say he will take a title.

    Calm the F down.
  15. How do you know it will not turn until a storyline? yet you DON'T! I JUST KNOW IT WILL!

  16. Undertaker for president!
  17. Are you psychic or something? Unless you are I take your word as zero % true since you obviously don't analyse the person behind Undertaker for shit. Mark Calaway, The Undertaker is a 47 year old man with a body in constant pain as he has himself said. His body couldn't handle the physical strain of working a full scale schedule and program after all the time and physical work he has given us the fans by performing as the Undertaker for the better part of half a century. He is also a strong propagator of letting the younger, new guys take over and make their careers. Undertaker is also the only wrestler a part from Triple H and HBK who has complete creative control over his character. Meaning he does whatever he wants with it. By analysing all this the most logical result is him making a one time appearance to celebrate RAW reaching 1000 episodes and then disappearing into the dark to allow the mystique of his character to continue to grow before his next Wrestlemania match.

    Learn to analyse things you tool :obama:
  18. Yes Taker desverd to be on the 1000th eppie but I don't want him at WM29
  19. YES HE WILL!
  20. Then give me some logical reasons for why he will that somehow nullifies my logical statements about Undertakers health and age. Otherwise your stupid "YES HE WILL! I AM RANCHY SALLAD AND I DON'T LISTEN TO OTHER PE3PLZ OPONIONS" replies just make you look like even more of a twat. :true:
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