Undertaker Removed From SmackDown Intro

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Jonathan, Feb 10, 2012.

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  1. :cry::cry:
  2. I don't like this lol
  3. Weird. I hope this doesn't mean that he won't ever appear on Smackdown again. Smackdown was his home :cry:
  4. Intro ends with Orton performing an RKO? I couldn't be more happier. Does this mean we will see Orton vs Taker at WM?
  5. To me this means one of two things.

    A) He's moving to RAW.
    B) He's retiring after Mania.

    Randy... I challenge you to a match at Mania, you had me removed from the Intro. For this, you shall pay.
  6. Retiring after Mania sadly :/
  7. B =(
  8. Retiring as it seems. Hopefully at 20-0.
  9. Nah I think he's just a once a year RAW/WM guy now. He'll just be on RTWM, unless they're seriously thinking of letting arguably the greatest of all time retire in a meaningless match with HHH.
  10. Yeah I think Taker is going to have his last match next year.

    If I was Taker and this was most likely going to be my last match, I definitely wouldn't do it with the same guy again unless it meant something more than all the other encounters.
  11. Bingo

    Except, he won't retire next year or the year after that

    He will be a once a year guy, but there's no reason he needs to retire next year

    Wrestling isn't a business you 'retire' from. If there's money to be made., and you can walk.... go wrestle
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