Undertaker Return on Old School RAW?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jonathan, Feb 27, 2013.

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  1. Source: PWI
    As it's PWI I'd say there's a 99% chance he's going to be on RAW this Monday. I have to say, I also saw Punk talking about being the best and God etc. as the queue to begin the Taker feud, seems I was right.
  2. The way Punk was talking on Raw this past Monday, I can tell he was setting up for Undertaker to come back and fight him.
    He will probably go on a rant next Monday talking about how he is the best and no one is on his level.... blah blah.
    I am 100% certain Taker will be at Raw next week.
  3. :LOL1: Even the hardcore Punk marks are starting to think his promos have become repetitive.
  4. Almost a certainty, Taker should just have a promo segment and be interrupted by Punk, not the other way around
  5. Trust me, I know... He is like a robot anymore.
    Gotta cut him some slack though. He has been somewhat stuck in the position of building up the Cena vs Rock WM match...
    the now TWICE IN A LIFE TIME EVENT! :angry:
  7. Looking forward to seeing Taker back, Old School is fitting.
  8. Absolutely, that promo on Raw was awful. His promos are usually entertaining, but so often lately the material's been boring and it just feels pointless.

    Yeah, Brita already replied to this, but w/e I'm gonna to spam anyway. :hallofpain:
  9. Like working a program with Taker will LOWER punk's status lmao. Moronic thinking, to say the least. A 30 minute classic at Mania, even with Punk losing, is huge for his career
  10. Old School Raw this monday? :yay:

    Almost sure Taker will be there.
  11. Taker should come back to his old school Undertaker theme as well (his original theme that he first came in with is slightly different than the one he has now. Like Austin's standard music being slightly different than the music he used from 1996 to the first part of 1998.)

    When Undertaker retires, it's obvious to me they should hold a funeral-like sendoff for the Undertaker the next night since it fits into his Deadman character so much. They should play this music then as a way of closing the circle.
  12. A small tweak that'd be great to see.
  13. This. I am hoping he wins, but even if not, he is facing a legend that has been shown as NEVER losing at wm. This match will be awesome.
  14. I'm having Goosebumps, Undertaker has always been the greatest of all time imo.
    Doesn't matter if Punk loses or wins, just sharing the same ring with Take at WM will elevate his statue big time, I hope to see a great match from them since their matches at 2009 sucked.
  15. This is your 4th thread about him returning.
  16. If his Raw return is anything like his return in beautiful downtown Waco, Texas, then he's still got the mohawk-ish look and uses the same music/entrance/outfit as he's been using.

    This whole setup smells different, though. I can't quite put my finger on it, but this lead-in to Mania feels...just different, I guess.

  17. True. He's returning a bit later, worked the house show before and so far there's no confirmation about his opponent (although Punk sounds likely, on screen they haven't even teased it yet if you ignore Punk's promo last Monday, which could be considered a generic heel promo to put himself over).
  18. He'll keep on making them then when he returns he can be all like "YO DUIDZ I WAS WELL RIGHT, PROPA INSIDER KNOWLEDGE HERE BROS LUV MEH"
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