No Mercy Undertaker... Return?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Solid Snake, Sep 1, 2017.

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  1. So there is a rumor floating around that Undertaker is going to return one last time to give everyone the match they wanted which is The Undertaker vs John Cena for his last match at Wrestlemania. This is a rumor and it is based on him being in the ring prior to Summerslam starting as well as working out. Also, Cena taking a shot at him during RAW had added to this. He is speculated to return during or after the match at No Mercy with Reigns vs Cena.

    To me, it would appear that he is just working out. He had surgery and likely just seeing how he feels now in terms of wrestling. I can't see him coming back. Then again, crazier things have happened so I really don't know. I am on the side of the fence that is saying "no" right now.

  2. No...don't ruin a perfectly good end to your character.
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    I mean, they did drop a hint at Cena vs Taker with Cena saying that he's not at the end of his prime with a ruined hip or something but damn, if Taker's coming back I think they should just do a Reigns/Taker rematch and end it on a better story and match. Give Taker more offense and make it look like he could actually end his career with a win over Reigns.. just to have Reigns win again lol but just end the feud with mutual respect and on a better note. I don't think we'd get much out a Cena/Taker feud now, they kinda missed their opportunity with that

    Generally I do agree with them just keeping him "retired" (even though noone besides Reigns ever confirmed that) but then again, if he's able to have a better match and feels more fit with his new hip, why not?

    EDIT: if Taker really comes back at No Mercy, it would make sense because then they wouldn't have to end Cena/Reigns on a clean finish and keep that for a bigger stage
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  4. Well.... the last match Taker did wasnt really all that great. I mean, One they almost messed up their moves at one point OR they were just tired Idk... It'd be nice to see him do at least one last match. Win or lose at least let it to be respectful. He's been in the buisness for long I think he deserves it.
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  5. Bingo!
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  6. LOL. No
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  7. yeah, he will return as Mark Calaway.
  8. quite a few people have been saying this but I really don't see the point in it. I mean I get it, that'd give a reason to the ending of Mania 33 but "Mark Calaway" isn't as marketable as the Undertaker. Maybe they bring him back and let him talk more like a human but still label him as the Undertaker rather than his real name. I also don't see the American Badass coming back (yes there are still people wanting that) simply because, first of all, it's just way too late for a gimmick change and second of all, the Undertaker sucks at any gimmick besides the deadman one anyways. There's a reason as to why he cuts 2-3 line promos.

    So to wrap it up, if I was them I'd just stick to what works and stick to what people know to cheer for and that's the deadman, the Undertaker (if he even comes back)
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  9. What a sh*t point of view. It sounds like Vince, himself, wrote this post.
  10. how come that's a bad thing lmao. As if sounding like Vince is like an insult to me. First of all, it has nothing to do with Vince, it's my own opinion mixed with logical thinking. Just because you don't agree with it, doesn't mean it's a "sh*t point of view"

    Like, if you're all for Taker coming back as "Mark" then tell me 1 good and useful reason as to why they should do it besides "I want it that way". It doesn't do anything for them or the people watching it because they love him one way or another
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  11. It's bad because Vince is an unprogressive, dirty old man. At your age you shouldn't simply be regurgitating something an old man told you to believe. Have a mind for yourself. It's okay to think completely outside the box and be successful.

    Second of all, why should I give a sh*t what people want? Should I interview anti-Reigns fans while I'm at it?

    Do recall The Undertaker's response to the "What" chants? He silenced at the height of its popularity. You must think a great promo has to eclectic, funny and moving to be good. Undertaker was simply a southern cat who got to the motherf*cking point. A straightshooter, if you will.

    You wrote a sh*t post because it was small minded and it lacked perspective.
  12. Well... Red, wether its "Small Minded or Lacked Perspective" Its still his own opinion. I mean, He's intitled to voice that. Some of it I would kinda Agree to, Personaly... *Stares at Red Rain* :styles2:
  13. Undertaker is dead. Stop talking about him
  14. Hey, You never know. He's not dead to us (We hv the Memories to look back on) unless He SAYS he's done for good.

    Well...Has he ever said that he was going to actually "Retire"?

    I will say that his last match wasnt really all that great. IN MY OPINION
  15. yes.. because me saying that there's no real need for them to put Mark Calaway on WWE television is me not having a mind of my own and also being unsuccessful (whatever that has to do with anything in this situation). You really got me there lol. Imma let you in on something.. sometimes it's ok to agree with higher ups. You don't always have to go against everything they do to come across as rebellious and edgy. I think we're all above that age, you know?
    There are enough things to disagree on with the office, but not everything my dude :pity:
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  16. I have to pretty much disagree with the both of you then. I'm not gonna spin this argument into a circle jerk because I simply don't have the moral compass for it. Later.
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  17. @Red Rain: Im not mad that ur disagreeing. And I can Understand ur point also. You are allowed to voice ur opinion as well. Just please be kind about it is all I ask. Im not gonna hold it against ya. :emoji_grin: lol. And I also dont wanna hv an argument over it either. Me no like Arguing. :emoji_slight_frown:
  18. Im not gonna vote til I know for sure whether he'll be back or Not.. for Now Im gonna say "Maybe or Maybe Not"
  19. But if you know the answer, it defeats the prediction lol
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  20. If takers old a$$ returns to battle Cena, I'll eat my own sh*t.