Undertaker returning to Smackdown?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Mr. Roman Empire, Aug 18, 2016.

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  1. Recent pics of Taker surfaced of him and his wife in the audience at Smackdown and also of him and Shane having drinks at a bar afterwards. Do you think Undertaker will be returning soon? Will he be on Smackdown. Who will his next feud be with?

    I think he will return for Hell in a Cell. I could see Taker vs Styles possibly happening, maybe even John Cena. Most realistically though I see Taker vs Baron Corbin

  2. I can definitely see Taker returning as a part of the SmackDown roster.

    His next feud? Bray Wyatt (right after he's done feuding with RKO). Because why not. lol
  3. Why not? Because they've already done that feud twice and neither turned out that good.

    Also, holy crap does Michelle look sexy with dark hair.
  4. It makes sense for Taker to feud with Barron Corbin... especially after that the segment with Kalisto. Stating that he can do whatever he wants and no-one will stop him... just a great set up, but they probably didn't mean it.
  5. The "why not" part was a joke, breh.
  6. Retire already.
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  7. People are grasping for straws. WWE were in Texas. The place where Undertaker lives. It's not that big a jump of logic to think he'd stop by and say hi.
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