Undertaker, Rock, Sting, HHH Wrestlemania rumors

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Red Rain, Dec 15, 2014.

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    Less than two months after WWE heavily teased The Rock vs. Triple H as the main event storyline direction for WrestleMania 31, Sting caused The Authority to lose power by helping Team Cena defeat Team Authority atSurvivor Series. Now, Triple H seems on course to face The Man They Call Sting on the biggest show of 2015 instead, so where does that leave The Rock?

    Although Bryan Alvarez claimed immediately after the Survivor Series event had finished that Rock was tentatively pencilled in to tangle with The Bulgarian Brute Rusev at this year's WrestleMania, more recent reports suggest that he is unlikely to wrestle on the extravaganza due to his movie schedule. Indeed, Dave Meltzer suggested on his subscriber only message board that WWE only shot the angle where Sting cost Triple H his onscreen rule because the company now feels The Rock will miss the show:

    "Rock is doing a movie in the spring. I'm not saying he's not doing WrestleMania because the movie schedule isn't solid, but right now, he's not doing WrestleMania.

    He makes far more for a movie than Mania.

    HHH vs. Sting was done because of the belief Rock isn't doing Mania."

    It's true that The Rock's schedule in the spring will be hectic enough as it is without promoting and participating in a WrestleMania match, as Furious 7 will be released just five days after WrestleMania and shooting is set to start on his next film, Central Intelligence, a buddy action comedy also starring Kevin Hart, around the same time. I wouldn't rule out Rock making an unannounced WrestleMania cameo appearance like he did this year, but it sounds like he won't have the time to do much more than that.

    Although I have no sources to back up this opinion, the fact that Sting was chosen to be The Rock's replacement as Triple H's WrestleMania dance partner suggests that The Undertaker will also not be wrestling at the event, as his two obvious opponents (Sting and Brock Lesnar) are being programmed with other acts (Triple H and Roman Reigns, respectively).
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  2. HHH vs Sting. Book it!

    That's how this whole The Authority saga should've ended in the first place, instead of selling out The Authority for just free.99 at Survivor Series.

    But, oh well... Moving on.
  3. From the sound of the article, HHH has WM 31 off. Good for him!
    I'd heard The Rock linked to Roman Reigns, HHH, Rusev and now this.
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  4. Yeah, nothing's for sure as of now. Things can change. We're still a bit far away from Mania, so... We'll have to wait a couple of months longer to know for sure.
  5. A couple months? Are you sure? Then again, there's always the Daniel Bryan theory floating whether he was added to the title match at the 11th hour or not.
    I personally have no horse in the race, but it seems WWE should have their Wrestlemania cards lined up by now with regards to the top of the card.
    Not that it really matters. If Rock came in anyway, they'd put him in last minute because of who he is.
  6. undertaker is To old to wrestle
    The Rock hasbin I would be shocked if the Rock Showed up at WM31
    as for sting and Triple H THAT IS A GOOD MATCH!
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  7. \_/
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  8. The Rock and Taker, both of 'em are a draw no matter what you think of 'em. Cena is, too, as much as I dislike the guy. Sting vs HHH would be a draw, as well.

    It's all about the money, baybay.
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  9. Yeah. But like I said, nothing's sure with the 'E.
  10. yea wait a min yea Cena is getting Old but he still got it sometimes lol unlike undertaker he has lost his touch and Rock Idk what to say about him lol
  11. I'm surprised Rock vs Rusev was actually being considered.
    Did they really believe he needed to redeem is lost to Cena by toppling Rusev?
    If Rock was considered for Rusev, that leaves the question where they were leading Cena all along.

    They may just make Reigns/Lesnar/Cena a triple threat by booking the Cena/Lesnar Rumble match inconclusively. Orton would face Rusev.
    I personally wouldn't advocate either scenario, but it appears Cena and Reigns may be linked the next two months if recent storylines are any indication.
  12. The Rock and Taker can still go, imo.
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  13. if and yes I said If Cena win's Vs Lesner and Cena Faces Reigns I would like to see Reigns to win.
  14. I'd much rather see Angle vs Rusev, to be honest. But I doubt he'll come back. If you wanna bury the guy, don't let Cena or Rock do it, bring back the real wrestler who'll give 300% in that match.

    The only reason Rock/Rusev was being considered is because of that segment from RAW a couple of months back, in my opinion.

    The WWE is prolly gonna go the easier route, Cena loses to Bork at the Rumble, then have Reigns win the Rumble match and give us Lesnar vs Reigns. Yay. Then Rollins cashes in on Reigns at Mania and everything's alright.
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  15. Angle give 300%? No way.
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  16. It actually looks like the ref is giving him an assist by telepathically lifting him up there.
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  17. Now, that's a super power.
  18. LMAO that gif is too funny can someone say EARTH QUACK lol
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  19. The ref and Angle movie symbiotically with another even down to how Angle bounces off the mat.
    It's your classic Peter Pan moment
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  20. Yeah. The ref and Angle are the shit.
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