Undertaker undefeated until.....when

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  1. Explain who'll end Undertaker's WrestleMania streak....or if anyone will.
  2. Apparently, no one will. Lesnar will lay down for him at 29, Cena at 30, and that's it, I think. I could see him going longer though... not sure who he'd wrestle in that case though. But I don't think they want the streak broken.
  3. I honestly think that no-one will ever break the streak, as for his opponents it would be nice to see someone like Wade Barrett get a chance.
  4. nobody should ever end his streak!! that would be very offensive to his career!..

    and also could you imagine if the person who beat him ended up being a flop?
  5. If WWE ever booked anyone to go over The Undertaker at Wrestlemania they would make sure he wouldn't flop. :lol1:
  6. Yeah, that's always a possibility.
  7. Last mania was taker's last.His career ends at this years survivor series. He said it himself that his career would end the way it started. He debuted at Survivor Series and since he is partially still around that's what'll happen.
  8. That's a good shout, how would you book it though?.. And who against?
  9. How it's going to happen: He's going to fight Lesnar and that is not even debatable. Taker has wanted this fight for some time and this year it happens at survivor series.

    How I'd book it: I would book him against HBK. Triple H got his 3 matches against Taker, Shawn should too. The matches were wrestling classics as Triple H's told more of a story, had more drama to it.
  10. No one. As matter of fact, I actually think, that no one deserves to end it. as long time fan of The Undertaker, I don't see it happening and I wouldn't like it at all. It would be a very disrespectful move by the WWE.

    Kurt Angle and Stone Cold would be the ones to end it. Undertaker never defeated Stone Cold in a singles match.
  11. I don't see anyone ending it, but I do think if he were to drop it to someone it should be someone like Barrett. Someone you know is going to be a mega star in the future. Or even Dean Ambrose, it has to be a passing of the torch scenario and not just some random job. I don't really mind either way, which is why I love watching Undertaker matches at Wrestlemania.
  12. I agree.
  13. Vince, Undertaker is in full creative control over his streak. It would basically be his choice who he works with and who breaks it if he wants that. A wrestling promotion needs to take risks, if you constantly live by the "what if he's a flop" attitude then the passing of the torch would never happen.

    Let's not forget Taker offered his streak to Randy Orton but Randy refused.
  14. I would love to see Taker vs Barrett at Wrestlemania. If taker ever loses at mania, the superstar who defeates him has to make an huge impact.
  15. Agreed. Barrett is a heel for life, he'll never be a top face, he just can't be. What more heat can you get in WWE than ending the biggest and most historic streak of all time?

    There's positives and negatives though, I think the mark inside of me wants Taker to retire undefeated. Though I wouldn't be as angry as some if someone like Barrett or Ambrose was put over for life by going over the dead man.
  16. I could see Barrett, but to give to Ambrose...c'mon. The guy hasn't even made it out of the dark matches yet. Undertaker isn't getting better with age, so that means if he drops the streak it has to be done at this mania, not to mention he was barely medically cleared to wrestle. This means Ambrose has to be brought up in a rather short amount of time...you know who else was brought up that quickly...Sheamus :aries:
  17. Ambrose is arguably seen more positively by WWE than Barrett if you read online reports. Ambrose is already regarded as one of the best speakers, and he's definitely no slouch in the ring either. Ambrose is going to be a star, there is no doubt about that at all.

    Also, Undertaker has said he could have a few more Wrestlemania's now he's just a Wrestlemania only wrestler. He's had long periods of rest and those rests must have healed him brilliantly. Ambrose in a couple years would be more than ready to end the streak, in my opinion.
  18. I hope you just mean at Wrestlemania, because Taker's defeated Austin elsewhere at least twice - Cold Day In Hell (May '97) and Backlash 2002.

    As for the streak, I don't think anyone is really worthy of ending it, and I hope Taker retires undefeated. As mentioned, him beating Lesnar at WM29 and then Cena at WM30 seems obvious. And part of me thinks Taker will retire after the victory against Cena, making Cena his 'last victim' or something.
  19. Ambrose won't get near Taker. Just can't see it.