Undertaker vs Ambrose

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Crayo, Apr 27, 2013.

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  1. What did you think of the match? What did you think of Taker wrestling? What does it say that his first singles match in years (I think) was against Dean Ambrose? Did the beat down afterwards please you?
  2. I missed Smackdown as I usually do every week, but I watched the last part of this match and the beat down that ensued afterwards on Youtube this morning. I think it was awesome for an almost fifty-something year old Taker to allow himself to be speared through a barricade and then triple power bombed through a table just to put over The Shield in another awesome moment.

    I was surprised Ambrose tapped out as I thought the other two were gonna jump and cause a DQ finish but as long as they remain undefeated as a group for the time being, no problem.
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  3. Yeah, Taker is fuckin great even at his current age.

    The match/segment was great. Entertaining to watch.
  4. Taker had a great match and could win them, after the match when he beat the Shield was like "OMG that can't be real, it's a 3 on 1" but then the Shield beat Taker as they always do whit whoever is in their way
  5. It was great. Also didn't expect it to end on a submission like that but still an awesome moment.
  6. It was a great match and actually enjoyed something on Smackdown for once. If WWE ever decides to put on quality matches on shows other than RAW I might actually decide to go ahead and watch the damn show. Even if they did start having quality matches, they would stop again and just lose most of their viewers. It would go on in an annoying cycle unless they either keep their show shit or have decent matches with decent wrestlers.
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