Summerslam Undertaker vs Brock Lesnar

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  1. How's this gonna go down?
    I feel like Brock is winning this, probably not clean though. Undertaker winning is ridiculous.
    Ideally it would be more one sided than Brock's match at Summerslam 2014, but that ain't gonna happen. :sad1:

    What do you think?
  2. Taker to win, surely. Otherwise why else would he be on post-summerslam shows/house shows.
  3. I think Taker will win. Should he win Hell No, but somehow if I can predict the WWE Seth Rollins will still have some sort of hand in Lesnar losing. When this whole Taker thing is over it is probably going to go back to Rollins & Lesnar for a period of time again. They just aren't gonna let that drop.
  4. Thought we were gonna use this thread for all the predictions and stuff regarding SS, but oh well...

    Taker wins, IMO. He'll also prolly end up doing something wild to Brock to write him off TV till the Rumble, at least.
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  5. Taker will probably win, unfortunately. I hope Brock fucking destroys him and continues to strengthen dat impressive Summerslam resume (The Rock in '02, Triple H in '12, CM Punk in '13, John Cena in '14, now Taker in '15.)

    In an ideal world, the booking here would have been backwards. Taker would have become 22-0 just by the skin of his teeth at Wrestlemania XXX, but then Brock would have beaten him decisively at a later event (like Summerslam) so that he could still get a big win over Taker and add him to the list of people he's "conquered." Paul Heyman could then use it as 'evidence' that Taker's victory at WMXXX was a fluke, even though we'd know he was just talking shit and spin-doctoring things as usual.
  6. Eeew, gross.
  7. ...?
  8. Brock doing such to the Undertaker sounds of intolerable cruelty to me. I'd def shield my eyes away if that's what they have planned.
  9. I may enjoy the build up t this Summerslam match, but for the match itself it's a mess. I don't want to see either men eat the loss here. It's hard for me to choose. Booking wise I would put Lesnar over, but the huge fan in me says Undertaker. To quote the movie, The Room: "YOU'RE TEARING ME APART!!!"
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  10. James Dean also quoted that in, "Rebel Without a Cause". :emoji_slight_smile: Nice thoughts.
  11. "You're tearing me apart!" also reminds me of what Andrew Dice Clay would often say in his old stand-ups (although he may have gotten it from James Dean since he would often imitate actors and lines from some of their movies as part of his act.)

    For those unaware of who Andrew Dice Clay is/was, he was a crude, offensive, and vulgar comedian whose heyday was the 80's and 90's. But he was funny as fuck if you're into that type of humor.
  12. Wasn't he the man who would place a cigarette in his mouth in a rather compulsive kind of way? *Forgive me if I'm mistaken, my father watched a lot of comics when I was little*
  13. Yep.

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  14. What if the Undertaker & Lesnar both fight there hearts out together and then get a mutual understanding of how great both of there careers have been then they team up to both beat the shit out of Seth Rollins? Just a thought. Aint gonna happen though.
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  15. Undertaker will win it. Contrary to other opinions, Taker beating Lesnar will have no ill effects on Lesnar. Even though Taker is older and way past his prime, losing to Taker is not a black mark on anyone's career. Lesnar will go on being Lesnar and go on being the most intimidating threat in wrestling.

    I can't see Lesnar beating Undertaker simply because it would seem odd to bring him back for this to simply lose again. Plus keep in mind that the person deciding the outcome for this match is the same guy who booked Lesnar, a guy who didn't need to break the streak, to break the streak.

    I think after basically being dominated by Lesnar throughout his career, Taker will come out on to.

    But also like Serina mentioned, the buildup will be better than the match.
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  16. - Oh yeah, Taker beating Lesnar at SS won't have as nearly as much effect as Lesnar defeating Taker's Streak at Mania last year.
    Taking away something that's 21 years old was huge, now Taker coming back for his revenge won't leave a black mark on Lesnar's career, as you pointed out.

    - Taker being brought back to lose would be ridiculous, not that I'd lose sleep over it or anything. We talked about this during Mania season, Taker wasn't gonna work WM 31 just to lose his match against Wyatt and he didn't. I think the same scenario will be played out here.
  17. That would also make his victory all the more surprising, and thus, more remarkable. It'd be very reminiscent of Wrestlemania XXX (except not nearly as shocking), where all the signs point towards the Undertaker winning, but then everyone is taken by complete surprise when Brock defeats him instead.

    If they had booked him against someone like, say, Sheamus, his victory wouldn't mean nearly as much. It'd be a fresh match (although a much less significant one as well) and an exciting one to watch, but no one would be scratching their head over what the outcome would be. Everyone would know Brock was winning. He wasn't winning the title again, so if you want him to have as big of a victory as possible for Summerslam, bringing the Undertaker back makes sense.
  18. This match is certainly creating a buzz, isn't it? I bet a lot of people are interested in this match, even those who are usually doing something else with their time.
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  19. I see taker winning. But, if anyone will shock the world, it's Brock. No one thought cena would be killed like he was or the streak broken but it all happened.
  20. One month sig bet me on who wins. I'll even let you choose.
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