News Undertaker wants either Cena, Brock, or The Shield

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Crayo, May 6, 2013.

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  2. I think most figured that would be the two likely opponents. This is the big 30th year anniversary of Wrestlemania so he needs a huge opponent when it comes to defending the streak. Cena and Lesnar are the two biggest names he could face at this point.
  3. Would hate Cena and Lesnar tbh. I think a match vs some form of The Shield could be a huge sucess though. Maybe a HIAC vs Ambrose but Reigns and Rollins somehow interfere but the phenom breaks loose and two of them end up off or through the cage so its one vs one again which Taker wins overcoming all odds and retires. Since its Taker despite it being crazy he can pull it off imo he's the deadman and undefeated.
  4. Taker jobs to Ziggler at WM30. :smug-47:

    If Taker is gonna finally lose the streak then it should be to someone whose career will actually benefit because of it like Ziggler/Bryan/Ambrose, so not Cena/Kane/Lesnar etc.
  5. Taker has final say on who he wrestles at mania. If Taker wants Cena it will be Cena.
  6. So stating the obvious pretty much.
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  8. (Source: Wrestlezone)

    Right there after WObserver in the worst wrestling site on the internet.
  9. I thought The Shield part was pretty interesting.
  10. I also have a report, I have a source that Undertaker may attend Wrestlemania XXX do wrestle, but at the same time since Undertaker is getting older he may not attend but there's more talk that he will attend.
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