Undertaker wants JR to call his match.

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Mar 12, 2012.

  1. Makes sense to be honest.
  2. I don't see why not, J.R. is the most accomplished announcer. Him and King delivered some of the best commentary to date.
  3. I don't want King there, FML.
  4. Josh mathews FTW:emoji_wink:
  5. FINE. J.R. and Booker. :laugh:
  6. JR, Booker and Cole. :emoji_slight_smile:

  7. No Crayo we don't want Cole doing commentary for these types of matches, let that nerd take care of SD and RAW, J.R and King to do commentary for WM 28!
  8. I actually love the Booker/Cole combination. Typical Night:

    Booker: "Dats my boy D-Bryan n Cole you know why hes in my fave 5 because he has da heart of a champion you know what I sayin now?"

    Cole: "I didn't understand anything you just said, Booker! *laughs* Go back to grade school and learn to commentate while you're at it!"

    Booker: "Michael Cole! We comin' for you nigga!"

  9. __________

    1000 percent agreed but cole is funny
  10. Even thought he is one of the best commentator, I still don't want him there. Let Cole do it. :laugh:
  11. :laugh: hahaha
  12. Honestly though, I get tense during those moments. Cole gives Booker too much crap for his native ghetto speak.
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