Undertaker Wants Wrestlemania Match

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  2. Undertaker vs Brooklyn Brawler?
  3. Probably Brock.
  4. "As we’ve been reporting, the current plan for the Undertaker at WrestleMania is for him to wrestle CM Punk in a “Respect vs. Streak” match."


    That would be epic. Punk and Taker :obama:
  5. How does that work then? Taker can't really have a run with the belt but him losing the streak doesn't sit well either imo,
  6. yawn @ Punk vs Taker

    we want Brock
  7. Unless it's rock vs Cena for the belt which makes me wanna cry
  8. Brock vs Taker plz.
  9. That's already a given, you may as well bend over and take it. The one thing they may do is add Punk to make it a three way, which is still pretty meh. I know Rock won't win, but it will be awesome to see him come into Mania as champ.
  10. It's obviously going to be Taker vs Glacier.

    With Glacier going over.
  11. I think Glaciier is too busy helping DDT rehab Jake the Snake. :otunga: :true:
  12. Re: RE: Undertaker Wants Wrestlemania Match

    He's dropping him on his head.?
  13. DDP is doing a documentary called "The Resurrection of Jake the Snake" or something like that where he has Jake live with him and he's gonna get him in shape. Glacier is around for it for some reason or another.
  14. Taker/Brock is the way to go.
  15. :troll:


    3MB VS TAKER !!!!!!!
  16. Re: RE: Undertaker Wants Wrestlemania Match

    Re read your post champ.

    WM 29

    Yes. :gusta:
  18. Taker/Brock is what I've been hoping for since spring earlier this year when Brock returned to the WWE. Brock says fuck the WWE because he destroyed Cena (even if he lost) and he man handled Triple H, the guy who will be running the company some day. Now he wants to say fuck you to the WWE one last time before walking away for good, and that's by beating the Undertaker's streak at Wrestlemania, something no one else has been able to do. He can also remind Taker that his last two opponents at WM that nearly beat him (HBK and HHH) were guys he destroyed quite easily, and so Taker shouldn't be much of a problem. He could also say that Taker never beat him in the past, although Brock beat him a couple of times, one of them being in hell in a cell.

    I wouldn't mind Taker/Punk either. I like the idea of a Respect vs Streak match, instead of a Streak vs Streak match (meaning the title wouldn't be on the line) where Punk is no longer champion (possibly because he has to forfeit it due to his knee injury) but says that after beating Taker's streak, there's no way people can not respect him now.

    Either match (though I prefer the Brock one) is fine with me.
  19. Taker vs Punk at Mania or Taker vs Lesnar sounds like a brilliant move.
  20. I fully expect a Brock/HHH rematch.
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