News Undertaker Will Retire From WWE In-ring Action?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by afulwani488, Apr 5, 2016.

  1. Yes, Undertaker Going To Retire From WWE! Here Is The Proof!!

  2. This shows up every year after Wrestlemania.

    No reason to believe it until WWE themselves/Undertaker himself says it
  3. M8. Undertaker has not retired
  4. This should have been it for Taker


    Not that I really gave a shit about that match either, but that felt like a proper send off. The end of an era! Except HHH and Taker are still the main draws for Mania 5 years later lol
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  5. Taker has started to become Mick Foley post 1999. Every comeback is going to be harder and harder to make legit and he's going to break down.

    Hopefully Callaway is smart enough to know when enough is enough
  6. LOl! Yes That Was A Good End!! 2011!!
  7. He Is 51!! And That is Enough For Him! Yes, You Said Correct That He Know When Enough Is Enough!
  8. Bro. Undertaker has not retired.

    If he had. Either Undertaker himself would come out and say it, the WWE would publish it. Or one of the legitimate wrestling news sites would publish it.
    And neither of them have.
  9. Undertaker won't retire just yet. If he was going to, it would've happened at mania 30 or this year but it didn't
  10. Let's See
  11. Cena will end it next year, no worries.
  12. Dude when you come off spammy no one will watch your videos. Just letting you know that.
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  13. Oh, no! Taker's retiring?!
  14. It is not my video and not my channel. I am only providing you the news!
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  15. Yes, according to the sources.
  16. Again. No legit wrestling news source has reported on taker retiring.

    chill homies
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