Undertaker's American badass gimmick in 2013

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Harley Quinn, Nov 15, 2013.

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  1. For a commercial :umad:
  2. Came into hate, got a cheap laugh. :lady:
  3. I saw this awhile ago. I sometimes miss the American Bad Ass gimmick and wished they had kept it.
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  4. That is where i'm at watching the WWE past...up to end of Nov 2000. It's alright, and was a great time to switch him up to keep it consistent with the product (he could have stayed other taker, but the change couldn't have been a better time IMO)

    I replied to this hoping you will reply and set me straight, do you think he could have ridden the American Badass up to now with the same results?
  5. Me too
  6. I'm actually re-watching 2000 WWF myself at the moment. A few different people have uploaded entire PPVs from that year on Youtube and I'm basically just watching them out of order. Started with No Way Out, then Summerslam, now I'm on Wrestlemania 2000.

    As for whether the ABA character would still work, I don't see why not. To my memory, Taker hasn't really done anything since becoming the Dead Man again that would have been drastically different if he had stayed with his more humanized American Bad Ass version. He's playing a more humanized version of his Dead Man character now anyway (and has been pretty much since he returned with it in 2004) so it would have made hardly any difference.
  7. I'm actually doing pretty much the opposite. I know the ETA: PPV matches are great, but it's awesome to watch RAW AND Smackdown and both be so damn good. Foley as Commissioner, Rock AND SCSA, Undertaker, Radicals, the tag division was just awesome (because everyone seemed like a reasonable threat for the title...i cant even come close to remembering how many too cool win's ive seen over 2000 alone...

    Yeah the ABA might have worked as well/better but WWE has done a good job with all that. Kane in a suit to me is hilarious while watching 2000 WWF, where he is a burn victim who barely talks. I stopped watching around 2001 (sophmore year of hs) and am looking forward to whatever it is i've missed.
  8. Oh did i forget to mention Angle, Jericho, and of course...HHH and DX being awesome. HHH just cut a promo on austin before SS 2000 and i loved it.
  9. Yeah, 2000 is awesome. It might even be my favorite overall year. Rock and HHH were in their prime, McMahon/Helmsley Era, HHH/Angle/Stephanie love triangle, Foley as Commissioner, Foley/HHH feud, Jericho/Benoit feud, Right To Censor (underrated heel group), Eddie/Chyna relationship, Austin's return and manhunt for his assailant ("I did it for The Rock" was such a disappointment, though), etc.

    I haven't been watching whole Raw and Smackdown episodes, but I've been checking out different segments on Youtube of 2000 every time I finish up watching one of the PPVs. I'm watching a lot of stuff from 1998 as well. It was fun watching almost the entire build up to Summerslam 1998 the other day. Memories are rushing back to me and all.
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  10. Yeah as great as things are now, nostalgia might outdo the present. The RTC was just the music i hated. It went on WAY too long, and while I know the point was to annoy, it just got to the point where i skipped a few mins into a match just to skip the pain in my ears (it's a bastard on surround)

    I just love how feuds were everywhere. Smackdown being so long really made it work to have quality matches while keeping a lot of backstage segments on. The reviews of the past week were short and sweet, and while there were more (what happened with HHH/Rock/SCSA/Radicals/Foleys backstage stuff) they were short enough to keep my attention through the preview while expecting something great was happening soon. It was just overall a better product. Having 4 superstars with 2 in their prime while 2 had almost nothing to do with belts was just amazing. Like i said before the tag belt was great, and the belts like the Euro (outside of Eddy's defenses, keeping him onscreen with Chyna) were few and far between. Not many Light Heavy defenses or anything crazy EVERY show.

    And the random set matches? Jericho undertaker vs Kane and Angle? Come on. That roster was just STACKED.
  11. Yeah, there was just so much good stuff going on in 2000. I would make a five paragraph post talking about all it's greatness in-depth but I'm not in the mood to type that much right now. I don't usually make an effort to go back and watch entire episodes of Raw and Smackdown from the past much (unless it's to skim through them), but I might decide to seek out some from 2000.
  12. Word honestly picking a random raw and smackdown out of a hate between ppv's would still be a great call. Every show there has been a ton of things i've laughed at (T&A taking over the Acolytes "room" to Foley's office next to the washing machine) as well as (and this is the majority) been blown away. Angle/HHH/Steph was just awesome, heel vs heel done perfectly. The Radicals made sense...but i do have gripes with Raven being essentially the same and how retarded Taz is. I can give some of my Taz issues with hearing him on TNA while listening to his promos, he just stumbles sometimes so badly.

    But like I said before, the tag division is just awesome. Acolytes, Too Cool, Edge and Christian, Hardys, Dudleyz, T&A, Hollys, and so many more really worked week in and week out, alongside the random badass team like Kane/Taker or Radicals/other stables....Oh shit, did i forget the New Age Outlaws? To be fair without BA Billy Gunn it just doesn't feel the same.

    This week was actually Road Dogg and R-Truth ffs.
  13. Oh shit i forgot to add - and good old JR rocking the mic. I really do get why he gets so much love now, when i'm all caught up im going back to when Vince was announcing.
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