Undertaker's Career Could Be Over Soon

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  1. This is a long read via Forbes...


    I am all for Sting vs Undertaker for the last match both will be in. It would make sense to have them team with Kane and someone else and feud with the Wyatts for a while then progress into Sting turning on Taker. I like this idea and what was mentioned here makes sense to me.

    I loved the Undertaker growing up but I just want him to be done already.
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  2. Also...

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  3. Sweet. His career has gone on 10 year's too long.
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  4. Now, that's a match I've always wanted to see. :otunga:
  5. Fuck Undertaker vs Sting. If Taker does indeed end up retiring next year, then give us Taker vs Cena or Taker vs Wyatt II with Taker putting Bray over and officially passing the torch to him as "The New Face of Fear." Taker vs Sting in a retirement home match does nothing for me.
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  6. I agree with you on a lot, and this is yet again a time I agree. Sting and taker shouldn't happen unless they set it for like the rumble or something. Or TLC, not at mania 32. Let bray have his rematch or have him fight cena. I've said cena numerous times. And with the feud happening recently, it seems like it might be bray, hopefully. Then bray can actually have a good push. A credible one.
  7. I think the point of doing it this way is so he can be remembered as himself, not putting anyone over. Going against Cena, it wouldn't make sense to me. And I can see what you mean with Bray and passing the torch but they are two entirely different wrestlers fro entirely different eras. We don't need or want another "undertaker" or another "steak" do we? These wrestlers need to come into their own without the help of the oldies. lol
  8. No one is indicating that Bray Wyatt would start imitating the Undertaker's exact character or booking (Bray is already 0-2 at Wrestlemania, so the idea of creating another WM streak is sort of already out the window), just that he would establish himself as the modern-day boogeyman that everyone should fear if he were to be the one to take The Dead Man out for good. He and Taker's characters complement one another perfectly, so if Taker did go out on his back putting over a young talent (old school ethos say that you go out on your back, and Taker is known for being very old school), then Bray seems the ideal person to roll with. I'd love to see Kevin Owens as well, but that isn't at all likely.

    On the other hand, the idea behind a possible Taker vs Cena match is that Taker would have one last triumphant victory over someone on his way out (should he actually end up going over in his final match), and since he and Cena have never faced off since Cena's run as a top guy began, it's the biggest possible match left for Taker to compete in. It's not as exciting without the Streak on the line and they would need another good excuse for them to cross paths in a way that would necessitate a match, but it'd still arguably be the biggest match either guy could realistically have next year.
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  9. The Undertaker is my favorite of all time. It would be a bitter sweet end to see him in a retirement match against Sting. I would love to see a match that would be more unexpected. I say The Undertaker vs. John Cena. They could put over Cena by saying The Undertaker respects him so much that he wants to end his career, with Cena. But having the Taker win. So it's a win-win I guess.
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  10. I get what you are saying but I still feel like they can build up the fear factor of Bray without Undertaker. And I still don't like the idea of him facing Cena. Sure, it could be a great match but meh. His last match needs to be a good one for all reasons.
  11. First off there is no way Sting is going to be in any sort of condition to compete a Survivor Series. I bet its safe to say theres a real solid chance he won't even be at Wrestlemania. The dude is 56 years old and he collapsed in the ring.

    Secondly, The Undertaker should retire but he will probably go at least another few years. He obviously is in good enough condition to put on a solid match (His HIAC match will probably be MOTY) so as long as he's not injured or whatever, he's gonna sign these million dollar contracts that McMahon throws at him.
  12. What better way to build up Bray as the new face of fear other than the original face of fear [Taker] passing him the torch?
  13. I'd rather see him do away with Kane when we least expect it. Like he "hurts" him so bad he retires.
  14. Bray Wyatt would be a legend if he retired Undertaker at Wrestlemania. Hell even Kane would still be impressive
  15. I'd rather see him do away Kane. I am not sure why but to me, putting away a "demon" is more impressive then an old "dead man".
  16. That's fine with me, too.
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  17. But Kane isn't as impressive, he's been jobbing hard for 15 years. Retiring Undertaker at WM tho, that legendary.
  18. Meh I guess so either way, "retiring" a wrestler is better. We are going to be expecting it with undertaker. They don't need to face at WM (Bray and Kane)... Just randomly when he is ready to retire. Have a short feud build then Bray destroys him and becomes a demon himself, so to speak.
  19. I'm talking specifically about a big PPV program between them. The closest we've ever gotten to that was Cena pinning Taker in the tag team main event at No Way Out 2007.

    Why not both? Bray Wyatt (with help from the Family) retiring both Brothers Of Destruction would be a hell of an accolade.

    If I has to choose between the two of them, I'd easily go with Undertaker, since he's the much bigger legend and superstar. Bray forever getting to brag that he did what so many others have tried and failed to do (though not from a lack of trying... people have destroyed his urn, buried him alive, 'burned' him alive, stuffed him in a casket to carry him off and do away with him someplace else, etc.) by putting the Undertaker away for good would be awesome.
  20. But Brock beat his streak and didn't put him away, so how and why should Bray? I mean unless Bray vs Brock would happen.
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