WrestleMania Undertaker's HUGE Appointment...

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    Shane McMahon returned on RAW, and confronted Vince McMahon and Stephanie McMahon over the Legacy of Excellence award. This led to...

    Shane McMahon v. The Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match at WrestleMania 32

  2. Don't get it as it is. Lose/lose IMO. Shane wins, makes taker look weak in what will probably be be his final match. Taker wins, then there was no point in Shane returning. I'm hoping there's a couple more wrinkles thrown into this one.
  3. So this is something that was announced on Raw last night and I felt it was thread worthy.

    How are you feeling about Undertaker vs Shane?

    I am going to be honest, Shane doesn't look like he is in "wrestling" shape but I could be wrong. Maybe he has been working on low key and was hiding underneath his suit. Either way, it should make for a good match imo. Something people wanted but never got back in the day.
  4. already posted :bray:
  5. yeah? where?

    I am in the section and didn't see any threads. :okay:
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  7. lol this is for Mania discussion though silly willy.
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  9. Don't care if it sucks, just as long as Shane wins. The Authority ran it's course a year ago, a GM like Shane is exactly what we need. Surprised Shane even agreed to this, must be getting that money money money money moneyyyy.
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  10. Maybe he actually wants to be a part of the company now. Who knows. I never understood why he walked away to begin with. He should know out of all people his dad is a raging tool when it comes to business but he makes smart choices when it matters.
  11. This is a mad idea and will involve some batshit crazy booking for sure.

    Now, there's more to the story. Taker's being positioned as a heel here, and WM's in his homestate of Texas? That's incredibly bold.

    Will they give us a huge swerve by having Shane bring in Cena to fight Taker? Will Vince hire Bálor Club? Can't wait to find out.
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  12. Balor club needs to not be a thing.
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  13. Oh, but I have a feeling it will be.
  14. I don't have a problem with a Bullet Club reunion in theory- if Balor turns heel (and interesting) but the name is so lazy... And garbage.
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  15. SHANE O MAC IS BACK!?!?!?!?! Drinking and watching RAW immediately.
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  16. Shane is back, OK.

    I see people posting about Taker in HIAC at Mania

    Assume its a joke

    Its not a joke?

    wtf lol. No way. Shane will eventually have a wrestler replace him surely. Dude can't be taking bumps like when he was a kid. He's already taken literally the GOAT bumps, no need bro. No need.
  17. Just watched his ass fly off the top of a cage into two tables to take someone out. I'm really juiced to see who he picks, it's going to be Corbin or someone who could use a mouthpiece. I'm just jacked to see Shane O Mac bro. I cracked up so fucking hard seeing him do the same entrance he always has...priceless.
  18. If he would dye his hair he would look exactly the same. I want to fight all these morons who can't get past the gray and are like OMG HE LOOKS SO OLD

    I'm like FUCK YOU he looks great!
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  19. He's fucking Shane Mcmahon, let the bitches bitch and we can enjoy. I hope to fuck I look that decent when the hair fades to gray. Those kicks, that dance. Seriously so juiced to see they pulled Shane back for what they hope is the biggest WM. I wonder what babyface he puts over, honestly. Zayn is too small, it'll have to be someone they can make via undertaker WM, and someone who can (most likely) carry the match if need be.
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