Undertaker's retirement.

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  1. So, I have done some research on The Undertaker. Also known as Mean Mark, or simply Mark Calaway.
    There are some speculations going around on the internet about his possible retirement.
    I'm not going to name any dates or times, just because nobody knows when the time has come when WWE and The Undertaker himself decide to end it.

    Ofcourse, Undertaker's streak is untouchable, the longest storyline and one of the best subjects in the WWE. So, as a mentioned earlier, there are some stories going around.
    I have seen one after he returned this year, but I can not find it at this moment. I will post it as soon as I find it again. I have found an other story, which is a pretty good one in my opinion. So if you have other ideas, please post them and make this a interesting, good discussion!

    Here is the one I just found:

    The WWE starts showing little video clips of Paul Bearer wandering around backstage (both RAW and Smackdown) like he's looking for something. After three of them, Josh Matthews asks him what he's doing. Paul ignores him. Josh tries again next week with the same results. The week after, Josh asks him again. Paul snaps at him, "I'm looking for my Undertaker! Have you see him? Do you know where he's at?" Josh says, "no, nobody has seen him in several months." Paul just grunts in disgust and keeps wandering around. Then he turns around and says, "who's in charge now? Mr Long?" Josh says, "no, this is RAW. Teddy is in charge of Smackdown." Paul glares at him. "Then who is in charge of RAW?" "Uh, Mr Laurinaitis," Josh says. Paul looks annoyed. "Who?" Josh starts to answer but Paul waves him off. "You're no help at all. I'll find him myself."

    On Smackdown, we see Paul wandering around backstage again. He runs into Sheamus. Paul smiles. "Are you one of mine? Did my Undertaker already prepare you for me?" Sheamus looks confused. He says, "I'm not sure what you mean by that, fella. Me name's Sheamus. Pleased to meetcha." He offers his hand but Paul doesn't shake it. "Do you know where I can find Mr Laurinaitis?" Paul says. "He's on RAW; this is Smackdown," Sheamus says. Paul looks annoyed. "Damn. No matter. Where is Mr Long?" "Teddy?" Sheamus points Paul in the direction of Teddy's office.

    Next RAW we see Kane and Cena brawling around the ring after Kane ambushed Cena. In the middle of the fight, the Tron lights up and we see Paul Bearer. "Kane. Kane!" he says in a pleading voice. Behind Paul, we see Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis, both looking concerned. "KANE!!" Paul says loudly. Kane, with his hand around Cena's throat ready to chokeslam him, just drops Cena and looks at the Tron. Cena, realizing that something important must be happening just backs away from Kane, rubbing his throat. "It is time, Kane," Paul says gravely. "His time grows very short. You must bring the Undertaker home, Kane. You must find him and bring him home before it is too late." The camera comes in close to Kane's face and we see his cold eyes and expressionless face. RAW ends.

    Kane opens Smackdown, in the middle of the ring. His promo is short and to the point. "Undertaker! Your journey on this world has come to an end. Show yourself! Let me take you home, brother. Don't make me come find you. That would not...go well."

    On RAW, Kane delivers pretty much the same promo. Still no sign of the Undertaker. Kane tries one more time on Smackdown. In the middle of his promo, a lightning bolt strikes the ring and the lights go out. When the lights come back on, Taker is there face to face with Kane. They stare at each other for a long time. Finally, Kane half-smiles and says, "let's go home, brother". Taker slowly shakes his head "no". He picks up a mic. "You say my journey on this world has ended. I say it has not. If you want to take me home, you will have to take me OUT." The Tron lights up and we see Paul Bearer. "Undertaker! Do not fight your brother Kane. Your fate was decided long ago. You know that. Your body is breaking down and will soon be of no use to you. Return to me before it is too late." Kane tries to escort the Undertaker out of the ring, but Taker pushes him back. He points at Kane, then points at the Wrestlemania logo hanging high above the arena, then does his throat-cutting gesture. RAW ends.

    On Smackdown, Paul goes into some macabre promo explaining why it's so important for the Undertaker to come home NOW. There isn't enough space to write that promo here but basically Taker's body is wearing out and Paul needs to transfer his spirit into a younger, stronger body so Taker can remain in this world. This explains Taker's long absences to recover, his not-so-dominant matches, and Kane beating him so easily recently. Kane's promos explain the same thing. Taker doesn't appear again until Wrestlemania.

    At WM, Taker and Kane have their epic battle which Taker wins (keeping his Streak intact) but collapses after the match. Kane gets up and stands over him. EMTs run down to the ring, bringing a stretcher but Kane waves them off. He picks up his brother, hoists him over his shoulder, and walks up the ramp. In the back we see him go to Paul Bearer. Kane drops Taker on the floor and Paul mutters words to himself, eyes closed. We see a glowing ball of light leave the Undertaker. Kane picks up the urn and opens the lid. The ball of light floats inside the urn and Kane puts the lid back on. Paul grabs the urn and clutches it to his chest then slowly walks out of camera range. Kane picks up Taker's body and puts it in a casket. He slams the lid down, staring at the casket. Then slowly the familiar evil half-smile appears on Kane's face. That's the last thing we see as WM ends.
  2. I wouldn't want Paul involved in his retirement to be honest.
  3. Why is that?
    He kinda made the early Taker.
  4. He's came and gone. His return with Kane has already happened.
  5. Epic storyline right there. That's what I wanted for this WM.
  6. Anything they do, just make sure it's not Kane. Too many Kane and Takers storylines.
  7. True they should've never done the 2010 feud.
  8. HELL NO! Undertaker WILL go 20-0 at WM28! And then come back SmackDown since he STILL on the SmackDown Roster! Win the World Champion back! :taker:
  9. Dude, he is diagnosed with COPD, he may do one or two matches a year, that's it.

    And I quote: 'I'm not going to name any dates or times, just because nobody knows when the time has come when WWE and The Undertaker himself decide to end it.'
  10. -- The Undertaker's time away from the ring has included surgeries on both his shoulder and hip. He was lighter than ever before when he showed up backstage at last week's Raw SuperShow, estimated at 275 to 280 pounds. The belief that he would retire following his WrestleMania XXVIII encounter with Triple H is largely gone since it's not being hinted. Peers expect him to continue wrestling for a few more years since he's limited to one match annually.

    Read more: http://www.WrestlingInc.com/wi/news/2012/0229/550208/the-undertaker/#ixzz1okJzWJKv

    One match annually that's all he can manage any more he will not hold the world title again.
  11. Randy mate, his body barely allows him one match a year at WM. He'll never, ever compete for the WHC on SmackDown ever again.
  12. Agreed, he got really skinny over the years.
  13. Undertaker to retire at WM 30.
  14. Wrestlemania 30 seems logical because of the whole ten year anniversary aspect of it, but so does retiring after making it to 20-0.

    One idea suggested elsewhere is that this year might be his last Wrestlemania match, but not his last match overall. It was suggested that they could do an entire PPV centered around the Undertaker's character/retirement (think of NWO Souled Out/DX/Rock Bottom) where he would fight his last match there.
  15. Wouldn't that make it obvious he's losing though? I suppose Survivor Series could fit. He debuted there and survival links in to the deadman persona kind of.
  16. Depends. Nothing says he has to lose his last match. I know it's wrestling tradition to "go out on your back" but they could make a possible exception with someone like Undertaker.
  17. It might just be me but he seems like a traditional guy so I can't see him not going out on his back. Plus he's so unselfish, look at how many world titles he's held or times he's offered out the streak.
  18. True he isn't even close to john Cena title reigns
  19. It is terrible how many world title reigns some people have had. Cena is what an 11 time champion, Orton's on about 9, Rock has won 9, Edge won 12 and HHH is about 14 times.
  20. Because feuds have gone out the window - the title is the be all end all and it's just set up multiple title reigns, which somehow make them look better kayfabe wise, but it screams "I win the title then lose it all the time".
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